Friday, April 18, 2008

What Have They Done To My Buffalo Chicken Sub??

My last post got me wondering if Sammy's Subs in Tempe, AZ had a website. Alas, when I used my google-fu, I discovered that Sammy's is no more. Unless they have moved...

It seems that the Pink Pepper Express Grill (who was on the naming commission??), a Thai place, has commandeered Sammy's old location. So even though I have no immediate plans to go to Phoenix (although I'm always game), it saddens me to know that my absolute favorite buffalo chicken sub has gone the way of all the earth.

But Danny Boy's is still up and running!!


The Clarks said...

I guess I haven't kept up with the latest!!! You're pregnant!!! That's so great! You think it's a boy? That would be fun! When did you make the announcement because I totally missed it!

The Clarks said...

OK, I just found it! I'm not too behind! Congrats girl!!

Ker said...

Thanks, Jen!

I do think it's a boy, but I was wrong last time, so who knows??