Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Little Weird News #8

A Little Weird News for April 16, 2008:

1. Having just enjoyed a rousing game of wiffleball myself last weekend, I was interested when I came across a video supposedly showing an "amazing" wiffleball pitcher. It's a wiffleball. There is only so much you can do with it, right? Watch.

2. My sister-in-law is a whitey-white, but she has a black sister. How is that possible? Some strange genetic trick? Actually, it is a trick called "adoption". But what if you found twin sisters who were black and white? Do you think anyone will believe them as they grow up?

3. This is strange, but strangely amusing.

4. Ever considered a vacation to Iceland? Me neither. Perhaps you will after seeing these pictures, though. Unless you are like me, that is. Then you will appreciate seeing beautiful pictures but still dream of vacations to Tahiti.

5. So is it the law of averages (1 billion people are sure to produce some prodigies) or is it just that the Chinese are incredibly talented?

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annahannah said...

I've got to say that these weird news are totally worth it. I was amazed by the wiffleball pitcher--his batters don't stand a chance. And a WIFFLEBALL! Those don't throw very well. The twin sisters were cool. Mendel wins again. Did you notice if you kept the cursor steady at her nose, she looks around. And yet, she definitely moved with the cursor. Iceland is beautiful. But the last one...fantastic. I thought the frogs were amazing, but swan lake?? I saw her on his shoulders and was impressed, but when they zoomed in and she was EN POINTE!! Those guys were fantastic. That would definitely be worth big money only I haven't any. WOW!!