Saturday, April 26, 2008

Braden's Favorite Foods

What are your top three favorite foods?
1. Anything Kerry makes
2. It usually needs to involve Chicken somewhere
3. Lots of starch always helps

What is your favorite meal?
1. Anything Kerry makes

What are your top three restaurant meals?
Okay, but they don't compare to anything Kerry makes.
1. Olive Garden - Zuppa Toscana and Pasta E Fagioli soup with breadsticks (go on your birthday for a special treat)
2. Mongolian Barbecue
3. Pretty much anything Mexican

For any pregnant or used-to-be pregnant peeps, what couldn't you eat during pregnancy and what did you crave?
tnangerp ton m'I

What three foods do you absolutely hate?
1. Anything not made by Kerry
2. Olives
3. Cheese Souflee

What restaurant meal/food, if any, would you like to try and make at home?
Please see the three restaurant meals question above

Do you have any bad memories associated with food?
Please see the absolutely hate question above

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