Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Little Weird News #9

A Little Weird News for April 24, 2008:

1. Think what you want about Hillary Clinton, you have to admit that there are some funny pictures of her floating around. If you are feeling particularly stoic, go check out this compilation picture, but be warned: between the vomit and the laughter, you may end up with some problems.

2. Why do people get so excited about little fender-benders?

3. I already posted a few of these pictures of China a while back, but now I found the source, so if you like beautiful landscape photos, or if you happen to be going to China in 3 days, go check them out.

4. Speaking of China, check out this mother Panda sitting there minding her own business when baby decides to sneeze.

5. Speaking of Pandas, did you know that Panda and Piano share three letters? Okay, bad segue, but it works for me. Here is an animated video of an old man playing the piano while images of his life parade around him. Beautiful music and touching images.

1 comment:

annahannah said...

Poor Hillary. They looked for the most unflattering photos. We could do this with anyone.

The crash was amazing. And he walked away.