Monday, April 28, 2008


About Jenna's Sunday dress, which I asked Braden to put on her while I dried my hair:

K: Ooh, that's really short. You can see her butt. If she were just wearing panties, she'd be flashing everyone.
B: Start 'em early.
K: What, to be a prostitute??
B: Oh, she's little. It's cute. Besides, it was impossible to get on, so if you don't like it, YOU take it off.
She wore it to church. :) It was cute, though.

K: Man, if I would've known I'd get such a cute girl out of it, I'd have married you the day I met you!
B: You just married me for Jenna!!
K: Yep. I just didn't know it.

B (whispering in Gospel Doctrine class; the lesson was on the family): I want to raise my hand and say, "Kerry and I have made a goal to use our fists instead of knives", but I don't think anyone would appreciate it.
K: Yeah, don't say that. Don't.

B (in the same Gospel Doctrine class): "Well, I've never made any mistakes, but I know people who have..."

That's my husband, the class clown. :)


Braden said...

A little background on the fists comment:

Someone had just raised their hands and announced that he and his wife had made a goal to never go to sleep angry with each other. I thought it would be funny to raise my hand and say that we had made a goal to downgrade our fights from knives to fists.

It shows progress, people. Isn't that what the gospel is all about?

annahannah said...

so where is the picture of cute jenna in the dress??

EveLeaf said...

I think it would have been pretty funny if you had said it. But not so much after Kerry said no. :)