Sunday, June 29, 2008


I like to experiment with food. However, I would not want to be a chef. It just seems like making the same thing over and over would take the fun out of cooking, especially under the intense pressure that they have to deal with on a day to day basis.

We got cable a few weeks ago for the first time in our marriage, and it's actually worked out pretty well. We mostly watch the shows we've recorded on our DVR. I like some of the Food Network shows a lot. Others...not so much. I think you either love Rachael Ray or you can't stand her. I find myself falling into the latter category, although at first I liked her. The funny thing is, it's not really even her personality, although it can be a little grating. It's her recipes. Now, I am ALL about taking shortcuts. But I find again and again that she'll have some well-known recipe that she's doing her take on, and she's taken shortcuts to the point of it not really resembling the original dish at all in the end. You should read the reviews of some of her recipes on the Food Network site...peeps get MAD at her! "This is NOT [insert dish name here]!!" Like I said, I do like shortcuts, but she just takes it too far, IMHO.

I do like Bobby Flay and Mario Batali, though. And Emeril's recipes are growing on me, since it's his banana bread I've been eating, and I just made some awesome pico de gallo from a recipe of his. I don't think I can watch him, though. Just like Braden can't watch Paula ("HEY YA'LL, LET'S MAKE THE MOST FATTENING DISH EVAH!") Deen. :)

Well, I was going to write more, but Jenna's currently testing me by standing up on the couch, and I'm also hungry. Ta-ta for now.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I have learned my lesson. I will not hold Jenna down to the dog's level next time we have an opportunity to see a dog up close. I think I'm just overzealous in trying to avoid passing on a dog phobia to Jenna. It's not that I want her to want one or think all dogs are friendly (since, hey, there are some mean doggies out there), I just would like her to not be afraid of them. And it's just too early...and dogs are too unpredictable. She doesn't understand licking and sniffing and she got really scared and started bawling. Yeah, dumb on my part...but I'm not that familiar with dogs either, and I thought this one seemed pretty well-behaved. There was no way I could have predicted that, but next time we'll watch from a distance, or *I* will pet the dog. She's just too little. Man, I really felt badly. My intentions were nothing but good, but it went all wrong. Luckily, she was fine a few minutes later and then when we got back inside the house, I googled "dog", and she proved that she was not overly traumatized (phew!) by getting all excited at the pictures and saying, "dog!" (whereas a minute after the incident, when I said "dog" a couple of times, trying to explain that the dog was just saying hello, she started crying again)

It's a good thing little kids give us parents a second chance when we screw up!

Why I Love Her

blah blah blah nice blah blah blah pretty blah blah blah loving blah blah blah funny blah blah blah good mother...

The real reason? She knows when to put the i before the e and when to put it after the e. Even when I don't.

That's right, folks, she is my blogging world.

Always and forever.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

You're Not Letting Me Get My Way Because You Hate Mormons!!

Do you think saying the title of this post would get you what you want? Yeah, me neither. Or what about, "...because I'm female, blond, and LEFT-HANDED!!!" (okay, not so blond anymore, but I do still have some highlights)

I read a story yesterday about how a black man was checking out at a grocery store, and the cashier politely recommended a plastic bag over a paper bag for a particular item. The man's response? "You're RACIST! You just said that because a plastic bag is white and a paper bag is brown!!"

Um, are you kidding me???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME. If I were that cashier, I would have a hard time not laughing out loud upon hearing that. I guess the cashier just stared at him. This same man was at the deli earlier and didn't get waited on right away, so he told the deli clerk, "I think you just don't like waiting on black people!" Even this guy's wife was embarrassed. Geez, people. Gimme a break.

Changing the subject a little bit...
Our society's all about entitlement anymore. So many people cheat, lie and outright steal, and they think it's perfectly acceptable. There's apparently a scam going around where a customer hands a cashier a certain bill and then asks for a certain amount of cash back. When the cashier proceeds to count out the money, the customer then changes his mind several times regarding how much cash he wants back, all the while handing the cashier different bills and taking back what he's already given him/her. The purpose, of course, is to confuse the cashier into giving the customer way more money than he should get back. This works a lot of the time, too, because who wouldn't be confused and lose track of how much money is being exchanged?? Sometimes the customer has an accomplice who chats up a coworker, keeping him/her from noticing what his partner in crime is doing. It's really sad that so many people in our society have absolutely no moral compass.

Anyone Want Some Bananas?

Because we've got just a few over here. See, we already had a bunch or two, and then I bought 4 more because I'd signed up to bring bananas to the Strawberry Festival at church last Saturday (one for us, 3 for the ward activity). Well, turns out that they had plenty of bananas, so when we left, I ended up just taking my bag o' bananas back home with me. And now begins the mad hunt for recipes to use up bananas. I am currently baking 4, yes, you read that right, 4 loaves of banana bread as we "speak". However, that only used up 10 bananas, and I still have 3 bunches that are rapidly becoming too ripe to be in anything other than baked goods. I might get a few more days out of them, and I'm enlisting Braden and Jenna's help in eating them. I think we will be thoroughly sick of banana bread by next week. If anyone should deign to grace us with their presence in the next week, they'll be leaving with a nice baked goods gift. :)

Anyone got any good banana recipes?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today was day two of transitioning Jenna to one nap a day instead of two. Yesterday went better, but today she was pretty cranky, and we ended up putting her to bed earlier than I wanted to. But what can you do? We started the transition yesterday because I noticed that lately Jenna has either missed her second nap completely or has refused to go to sleep when I put her down, again in the second nap. We're just trying to push back the first nap and then slowly start putting her to bed earlier. I'm winging it, as usual, since I have no idea really how this works, although I did look up some information online about this particular subject. According to one site, Jenna has been getting more sleep than she needs, but that doesn't really surprise me, since I think it runs in the family to need more sleep than the average person. I may lay her down for some rest time later in the day if she is particularly cranky and it's not bedtime yet, but we'll have to see how that goes. Trial and error.

And now, it's bedtime for me. It's been a really long, stressful day.



Okay, enough with the disclaimers. If you're still with me and think, "Oh, I can handle anything", I may just prove you wrong herewith.

On Sunday night, Jenna and I were hanging out in the living room, per usual, and we were watching some animal show. Anyway, Jenna doesn't really watch shows for any length of time, but sometimes she'll watch for a minute or so, and that's what she was doing when I looked over and noticed that she had her hands down the back of her diaper. Now, it was kind of dark, since this was in the 8 o'clock hour, and I didn't have many lights on. Thus, I did not notice that anything was out of the ordinary after I told her to get her hands out of her diaper. A few seconds later, I noticed that she was rubbing her hands together, almost as if there was something, I don't know, FOREIGN, on them.

And then I smelled it. NASTY, NASTY, NASTY. Now see, I wasn't expecting anything to be in her diaper because I'd just changed her 15 minutes prior to this event. Turns out that Girlfriend had been busy in those 15 minutes, because she had explosive diarrhea (by far the worst she's ever had), which was now all over both hands. In the meantime, I'm trying to keep her from touching anything while trying to get the bag of wipes open with one hand; both were exercises in futility. First of all, Jenna didn't understand why I was grabbing her hands, and she didn't like it! I ended up letting go for a few seconds to get some wipes, by which time she had pushed a little cart, wiped some, ahem, mess on her bare tummy and, yes, my friends, raised her hands to her MOUTH. By this time, I'm like, "AAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" So I tried to wipe her off as best I could, then I ran upstairs to get a bath going, grabbed her quickly before any other mishaps occurred, changed her and got her in the bathtub.

All's well that ends well, I guess. The living room, on the other hand, did not smell so pleasant for a little bit. :)

And there you have it. If you have babysat or have kids of your own, you probably have a few stories of your own to tell. There may be some who think I shouldn't post stuff like this. To them I say, in a very mature way, a la "For Better Or For Worse", PPPBBBBBBBBBBTTTTHHHHHHBBBBBB. This is our family blog, and it's the stuff like this that we'll look back on as parents and laugh our heads off. Besides, I don't have stories like this from my mom, so when Jenna's a teenager and thinks I never do anything for her, I can say, "Please reference June 25th, 2008 and get back to me." :)

We Wear Short Shorrrrrrrrrttttttts (and A Surprise...not that we wear a surprise)

Jenna is wearing a pair of shorts almost exactly like the few pairs my dad used to wear back in the 80s, maybe even into the 90s. We're talking *short*. Dan will know what I'm talking about, I think. They look really cute on a 14 month old, I must say. They do make it easier for her to get her hands in the back of her diaper, though. More on that later, if you dare to read that post, for lo, it is nasty.

I, however, do not wear short shorts, for reasons of looking extremely ridiculous if I do. I do wear Braden's shorts, though, since I can't fit into any of my own right now. Such is pregnancy.

In unrelated news, I got a haircut! It's been more than 8 months since I got my last haircut. Braden, on the other hand, has had his hair cut about 57 times since last October. While it is true that guys need to get their hair cut more often, it still seems excessive on his part. Maybe he likes that Asian hairdresser who keeps attempting to make conversation, resulting in Braden asking her to repeat herself several times for each attempt. When it came time to get my haircut, I called said lady and got off the phone as soon as possible because I couldn't understand her. I then went somewhere else. I had a lot to say about the kind of haircut I wanted, and, let's face it, if we can't communicate, it's bad times all around. Anyway, I didn't like my haircut at first, but then when I went and messed around with it a little bit a few minutes later, I really liked it and still do. She cut about 4 inches off my dead, dead and very dead hair. So it is almost shoulder-length now and much lighter. Much better for the summer, if we ever do get summer weather here. We better have a rockin' Indian summer to make up for this lousy weather, that's all I gotta say about that. And don't mess with a pregnant lady!! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Peculiar People

As a practicing Latter-day Saint (Mormon), I always find religious surveys interesting, especially those which include Mormons as a distinct domination (some don't).

That said, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has some very interesting data. (PDF file warning)

For instance: Mormons are the only group where 100% of respondants believe in God (and here I had thought this was a pre-requisite for being religious), while - get this - more than 1 in 5 athiests believe in God. (page 3)

The LDS Church is the 3rd largest religious group in the US (counting Protestant religions as one big lump) after Protestant and Catholic, and tied with Jews. (page 6)

Mormons have the highest percentage of people who believe in Heaven - 95% - while only one other religious group topped 90% (what's up with peeps?) (page 9)

Only the JWs pray on a weekly basis (95%) or on a daily basis (89%) than Mormons (92% and 82% respectively) (page 10-11)

Mormons are the only group with over half of respondants claiming that "their prayers result in definite and specific answers from God at least once a month" (54%) (page 11-12)

Mormons are by far the most likely to feel that their values are threatened by Hollywood (67% followed by JWs with 54%)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'll Be Wrapped Around Your Aaaaaaaankle

Apparently, Braden is wrapped around Jenna's ankle instead of her being wrapped around his little finger. When I asked him to explain, he said that the cord for the Wii controllor is around her ankle as he sits in the beanbag chair playing Mario Kart, and she insists on playing with the huge LeapFrog alphabet computer board whilst sitting atop him. This means that whenever he manages to get her off him, she comes back over 2 seconds later to "give" him the board (read: smash it on his chest or face).

I don't help him in these "predicaments", because I happen to find it extremely hilarious. Instead, I blog about them, because he will miss her doing that in a few years, methinks. :)


Jenna is currently very poopy.

She remains in close proximity to her daddy.

Time will tell how long she remains poopy.

Perhaps if I sit Jenna on her daddy's face, it will speed up the process.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jenna Is Funny and Other Schtuff

Hee hee...Braden's on the beanbag chair playing Wii Mario Kart in the living room, and Jenna's in there shoving her very large Pooh Bear in his face (blocking his view of the race) because she wants him to give Pooh Bear either "big hugs" or "big kisses". I started laughing because I didn't realize she was doing that, and then I do believe I heard, "Die, Jenna, Die! Yes, I love Pooh Bear, too!"

Also, a few days ago, Braden was getting Jenna out of her carseat and leaned over to give her a kiss. All of a sudden I hear, "OOAAAGHGHG!!! I just got french-kissed!!" Apparently Jenna stuck out her tongue right in Braden's mouth...Yucky!! That is definitely NOT allowed. :)

WARNING: Juvenile Humor
In other news, I did so much housework while Jenna was taking a nap a couple of hours ago that I had to sit down immediately and eat something to avoid throwing up. And I do mean that all of a sudden I knew that I was dangerously close to performing a "Poopy Burp", if you will. Luckily, some water and some good old fashioned Breyer's Chocolate Fat Free ice cream saved me. I'm actually really surprised I didn't throw up, because I was about 10 seconds away from it. Phew! Poopy Burp comes from this list of funny euphemisms for throwing up that I read a few years back. Some others on it: "Yak" and "Talk to the Man in the Sewer through the Big White Telephone".

Anyway, I did manage to get quite a bit done, but it's neverending!! Since my energy levels are low, I find that things that don't need doing right away or on a regular basis get shoved to the bottom of my to-do list. Hence our laundry issue. It gets done when: "oh, shoot, I have no scrubs or underwear left." :) However, I'm on a laundry kick today, so load 3 is in the dryer and load 4 is about to be gathered. Have I mentioned I don't really enjoy doing laundry? I guess it's really the folding that I hate doing. There's just so much to do, and I can't do it when Jenna's awake because she messes everything up. And it will just increase with more kids. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think it's just the folding that I dislike so much.

We have a ward "Strawberry Festival" in a little bit and then after that we head over to a bowling get-together for Braden's work. Braden is excited about the bowling, and I am excited about the festival. I'm not too keen on the bowling, and Braden's not too keen on the festival. :) Jenna will enjoy both, I'm sure. She's such a little ham!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Food, Not So Glorious Food

I recently discovered some things I don't like to eat:

Peanut sauces, most common in Thai dishes. I do like Thai food, just not so much peanut schtuff. I made a Thai peanut dish in the slow cooker, and after it had been cooking all day long, I smelled it, took a tiny bite and said, "I can't eat this." Braden was nice enough to eat some, but the leftovers went into the garbage. I was really disappointed, because that took so long to make!! I ended up having banana bread for dinner.

I saw some cute strawberries with chocolate tuxedos at Braden's friend's reception, so I tried one. BLECH. I guess I just don't like fruit mixed with chocolate/candy. It was so disgusting. The funny thing is, I do like strawberries, and I like chocolate (although not so much by itself), but when you put the two flavors together, I really hated it. I've also never liked orange flavor with chocolate. I remember there are these orange chocolate balls that I think maybe Dan got for Christmas at least once, and I must have had a taste because I have a memory of totally washing out my mouth! Yuck!!

Also, I don't know what it is about broccoli when I'm pregnant, but I do not like it at all! When I'm not pregnant, broccoli is actually one of the few vegetables I *almost* like. :)

A Little Good Photography

No... not pictures of Jenna, but a few collections I have come across recently of inspired photographs:

1. Aerial Photography by French photog Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

2. From the Russian SADR (School of Architect and Designer Rejects) comes this collection of senior projects.

3. I wish I was this talented with photoshop.

4. One of my favorite tricks when I was into photography was to use blur to create the impression of movement. Here are some pictures and tips on how to do that.

5. Nature Photography by Nebraska son Mike Hollingshead. (doesn't it look like he is peeing in the second picture on the "about" page?)

6. Amazing picture of Corn Fields. Yes, you read that right. Corn Fields.

I'm off to go save someone's life. Have a nice day!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Latest Edition of the J News

In the past 2 or 3 days, Jenna has started saying a whole bunch of new words. I had wondered when she'd start to do that, since she has been stuck on "dada" (generic word that can mean just about anything) and various gibberish, such as "gahdee-gahdee-go", "digga-digga", "go-gy, go-gy, go-gy" and "tsssss".

She has now said, on purpose and with semi-full comprehension (since who knows, really?) the following words: Bye bye, car, ball, mama (she's said that before, but now I *think* it's on purpose), go, doggy, piggy. That's all I can think of off the top of my head, and the last two sound somewhat alike, but hey, cut the kid some slack; she's 14 months old! I think it's amazing how far she's come in just a few days.

Also, and this is unrelated, but that kid loves her some mexican rice and refried beans! That's my girl! Oh, oh, and as of a week or two ago, she just started folding her arms for prayer. So cute!! The funny thing is, we never really taught her to do it, she just started doing it when I made it a goal to start having family prayer at night. We also had our first official FHE this past Monday. We have found it difficult to do FHE as just a couple and now as a couple with a little kid. But I decided to just have a short one (since, hey, all of us have short attention spans) and who knows if it sank in with Jenna, but I sure felt warm and fuzzy afterwards. The lesson went a little something like this: "Jenna was in heaven with Heavenly Father and then came down to be with our family!! And now a new baby is going to be with our family, too! Jenna is going to be a big sister!! We're so glad that you are in our family!!! Yay!!" Short and sweet, and she still squirmed and wanted to go play. What can you do? :)

For Mom

A song I was just listening to reminds me of my mom every time I hear it. Especially since now I have a little girl of my own and another on the way...I can really relate to the all-encompassing love that a mother feels for her child. Anyway, the song is "Mama, I'm Alright" by Miranda Lambert (about a daughter going off and making her own way in the world), and here are the excerpts I identify with:

Every day at noon like a chapel bell
Find her Jesus keep her well
Help her do more right than wrong, at the end of the day

You taught me how to stand those tests and trials

She loves me more than anything
And she wants the world for me
Her west dropped off in El Paso
And her north in Abilene
Mama, I'm okay out here
I've seen how hard the world can be
My step is sure and I know my name
I'm strong just like you prayed I'd be
I'm strong just like you prayed I'd be

Don't you cry another night about me
In this city I've got angels all around me

She loves me more than anything
And she wants the world for me
Her west dropped off in El Paso
And her north in Abilene
Mama, I'm okay out here
I've seen how hard the world can be
My step is sure and I know my name
I'm strong just like you prayed I'd be
I'm strong just like you prayed I'd be

I felt it every time you prayed for me
I'm strong just like you prayed I'd be

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Little Weird News

Time for another edition of A Little Weird News. I keep wanting to post one but then run out of time or energy. Tonight is no exception. It is almost 11 and I work a ten hour shift tomorrow, so here's the deal: I'll post, but don't expect much in the way of comments from me. Are we agreed? Good, then lets get going.

1. I'll start with one that may also end up on my medical blog. It is a short comic strip, and pretty clever. Enjoy.

2. With time running out and the opposite goalie away from the net out of desperation, David Beckham gets the ball and calmly scores a goal... from 60 yards out.

3. Here's a word of advise: when you fire the disgruntled employee, watch your back.

4. Here's a word of advice: don't race motorcycles. Wow.

5. Stormtroopers can do a lot of things. Some things, however, they just can't do.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just Call Her G Double J

As in Grape Juice Jenna. We thought, oh, how cute, she's in the toy bin over there. It wasn't until later that I suddenly realized that being in that particular toy bin put her within reach of a certain glass of grape juice that I'd left there, thinking it was out of her reach (which normally it would be). That's right, folks. Girlfriend was playing in grape juice heaven. It was all over (or at least a little bit on) a couple of blankets (my beloved hibernator!!), numerous toys, books, miscellaneous poop and, yes, Jenna herself. As in, she was covered in it. I took it pretty well, considering that that is a huge mess, and I've still got a couple of loads of laundry to do because of it. I guess we'll see if talking plush toys can be washed....anyone? I have zero experience when it comes to this kind of thing. And really, it's my fault. I left the juice out. Do you know how many times liquid has been left on that table without incident, and I HAD to have grape juice???? Why, oh why couldn't I guzzle water like my mother? :)

I had to document this, so other people might perhaps be spared the massive cleanup thereof:

I think it's funny she was wearing all purple at the time.

Below is in the bathroom, obviously, with the aforementioned toy bin on the left and numerous toys drying on the right. What is actually in the tub are her usual bath toys. It could have been worse, but remember there was also a bunch of stuff that I couldn't just dump in the tub, unfortunately. Time will tell which toys we end up having to toss. But hey, that's the risk you take when you dump grape juice on them, right? :) And like she really cares. She's a year old!

What I can't get over is how long she must have been sitting in cold grape juice, just playing!! I mean, I guess they're right when they say babies like to experience different things "just to see", like for example the liquid itself, the color, the temperature, what it did to her clothes and the toys, etc. BUT GEEZ!! You'd think she would've been like, "HEY, THIS IS COLD AND WET AND UNCOMFORTABLE, MOMMY AND DADDY!!" Instead she sat there perfectly quiet and content for at least 10 minutes, maybe more. Crazy girl. At least it gave us an excuse to let her feed herself some applesauce, which we (especially me) avoid doing because it makes such a mess. Bath time afterwards, anyway, right? But my issues with food messes is a post for another day....

The Long-Awaited Prego Pics

So here I am at 20.5 weeks, with Carolyn! These pictures were taken June 11th. Basically, I wanted to put Carolyn and I side by side to see who is bigger or if we're the same size, because I thought we were the same and Braden thought Carolyn was a little bit bigger. The side by side, in my opinion, shows that we're about the same, I think. She is about a week behind me, expecting her fifth baby.

In the second picture, my white shirt has a red spot on the upper arm where Jenna buried her Tylenol face into it after getting two of her fingers stuck in a Hungry Hungry Hippo yesterday. I tried quickly to get them out, but handed the task over to Braden after a short bit and somehow he managed to extricate them. We still don't know how he got them out or how she got them stuck, even after I examined said Hippo a few minutes later. In my quick assessment in the heat of the moment, there appeared to be no way to release the "mouth", thereby setting screaming Jenna free. This thing was NOT letting was HUNGRY HUNGRY!!! Into the garbage he went!

Monday, June 9, 2008


"I urge you to examine your life. Determine where you are and what you need to do to be the kind of person you want to be. Create inspiring, noble, and righteous goals that fire your imagination and create excitement in your heart. And then keep your eye on them. Work consistently towards achieving them."
--Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, "Life's Lessons Learned", May 2007 Ensign

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Two P' is that pee pee? :)

I'm looking a lot more pregnant than I did even a couple of days ago. It's funny, because on Thursday we were down south and stopped by the hospital where Braden used to work and his old co-worker said (upon hearing the news that we were having another baby), "Oh...I just would've thought you had a really big lunch." :) Well now it's a really, REALLY big lunch...and dinner! But I guess it still depends on who you ask whether or not I look prego. Trust me, the belly is sticking out a lot more! I'm halfway done, baby!

Anyway, I made some fettuccine alfredo about an hour ago, and I think I may just have to come to grips with the fact that low-fat alfredo sauce = poop. And yet, I keep trying. It's just about hopeless, but I keep trying. There are few things more annoying than spending a bunch of time on a recipe and having it turn out crappy. One of them is when Jenna poops about 2 minutes after I change her diaper. This happens frequently. A small part of me wants to just not change her again. But I'm a nice mommy. It will be splendiferous when she is potty trained....and, oh wait, I'll still have to deal with diapers for a while! And you see, there I go back to the poop theme. It's almost inevitable when you are the parent of young children. Suerie! :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some Things That Have Been Going On

- I got my first "I see you have your hands full", with one kid! Although, she was being quite the handful at the time. In the same trip, I found a pair of maternity pants that actually have pockets!! That makes two that I've ever seen. Hello, just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you don't need actually need them more, I think.

- Jenna has been cranky booty beyond belief for the past 2-3 days. I do believe our days of actually dining in at a restaurant are numbered, at least for a while. :) In Jenna's defense, I think she's not been feeling well, but it certainly hasn't been fun for us, either.

- I was asked to do some Spanish translation for the pregnancy center I go to once a month. They have some client forms that need to be translated. I'll know more within the next few days, but it feels good that I can give something back to them. They have helped our family out tremendously, and we've been able to have things for Jenna and Blakely that we would never have been able to afford otherwise.

- Braden's been trying out some progressively night-er shifts, and so far it's been going well. I'm not too keen on going to sleep without him, but it's not all of the time, either.

- Grampa's getting married?????!!!!! All I want is for him to be happy, so I'm thrilled for him. But can I just say that I really did not see that one coming?? :)

- We just ran out of hot water, since Braden's was doing dishes, the washer was running, and I was getting Jenna's bath ready. So....Jenna took a Mexico mission bath, a la Dad G. style, aka COLD! I hurried, and it wasn't death cold, so she did well. Afterward, we dressed her in this cute little blue (but it had flowers!) pajama set I found on sale at Target. I always get excited when I see anything blue for girls, because it's rare. I love blue!! And Jenna's eyes really stand out when she wears it, so she looks great in that color.

- We've been working our way through Prison Break, Season 2. They keep having cliffhangers at the end of every episode, of course, so it's hard to just stop at one! I will just say, how in the heck can a conspiracy go that far?? It's a little hard to believe. And, oh look, the good guys were somehow saved at the last minute.

- I've been catching up on Harry Potter the last few weeks. I had stopped way back in the day at the Goblet of Fire, and I just got an email that the Deathly Hallows is in, so one more book to go. My goodness, it is ever so much easier to get a book from the library a year after its release!

- Jenna is getting a lot better at walking. She's falling down a lot less and getting faster. We all went to the pregnancy center for my appointment, and she was so funny. She kept stopping and just grinning and laughing at everyone. It was obvious she thought everyone was there to see her. The same thing happened at the hospital where Braden took her to see his old co-workers. What, does the world revolve around her or something?? :) She's also just started this thing where she puts her hands behind her back like, "May I help you?" It usually coincides with her either being shy or exploring with a bunch of people around.

- My hub is THE MAN. He just did a bunch of dishes and washed out all the nasty tupperware I gave him from the fridge. I love me a man who cleans out nastiness of nasty-ation. I am talking FURRY. One of them was, I do believe, some of the grossest leftover remains I have ever seen, even rivaling the gross mac-n-cheese from my BYU days. Needless to say, we'd been putting off cleaning out the fridge for a little while. Braden rules!!!

Another Quote I Like

"Sometimes I go to the scriptures for doctrine. Sometimes I go to the scriptures for instruction. I go with a question, and the question usually is "What would God have me do?" or "What would He have me feel?" Invariably I find new ideas, thoughts I have never had before, and I receive inspiration and instruction and answers to my questions."
--Henry B. Eyring, July 2005

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

50 State Capitals

So you know the state names, but what about the state capitals?

On my first try last night (actually this morning at 5:00 after getting home from work) I got

50% exact
average 159 miles off

I tried again this afternoon and got

56% exact
average 70 miles off

Monday, June 2, 2008

Recipes of Fabulosity

I just made THE BEST HOMEMADE VANILLA MILKSHAKE EVER. It rivals anything I've ever bought at a fast food place or restaurant. It's a Paula Deen recipe from Food Network. Next time I may try a little less milk, but it was still awesome exactly as is.

Also, I found a scrumdiddlyumptious banana bread recipe from the same site, only this is an Emeril Lagasse recipe. I doubled the recipe and ended up using 5 bananas (four small-to-medium and one large). I fiddled with the time in the oven, and the second time I had it in the oven for 45 minutes, which was perfect. I was a little concerned at how brown it seemed to get, and I worried a little that it was starting to burn, but apparently that's what it's supposed to look like, because it turned out fabulously. Also, I added a little more cinnamon, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, used a 1/2 cup of butter and left out the nuts (was anyone really surprised to read that?) I'm not a big nut fan, so whenever a recipe calls for them, out they go. Same for mushrooms and onions (although sometimes I do put onion in; it depends on the recipe). So yeah, the recipe has been tweaked with a bit, but it is delicious, especially right out of the oven.