Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Long-Awaited Prego Pics

So here I am at 20.5 weeks, with Carolyn! These pictures were taken June 11th. Basically, I wanted to put Carolyn and I side by side to see who is bigger or if we're the same size, because I thought we were the same and Braden thought Carolyn was a little bit bigger. The side by side, in my opinion, shows that we're about the same, I think. She is about a week behind me, expecting her fifth baby.

In the second picture, my white shirt has a red spot on the upper arm where Jenna buried her Tylenol face into it after getting two of her fingers stuck in a Hungry Hungry Hippo yesterday. I tried quickly to get them out, but handed the task over to Braden after a short bit and somehow he managed to extricate them. We still don't know how he got them out or how she got them stuck, even after I examined said Hippo a few minutes later. In my quick assessment in the heat of the moment, there appeared to be no way to release the "mouth", thereby setting screaming Jenna free. This thing was NOT letting was HUNGRY HUNGRY!!! Into the garbage he went!


Carolyn said...

Go ahead Kerry, post by big old pregnant belly all over the place! And thank you for asking first. I think our bellies look about the same size, but I think I look bigger over all. Let's just say, "Baby's got back!"

annahannah said...

nice to see pics on the blog again. Now how about Jenna walking video??

Carolyn said...

I have to agree, we do look very similar in the belly areas...which makes an old gal like me feel good!

We look great! :-)