Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some Things That Have Been Going On

- I got my first "I see you have your hands full", with one kid! Although, she was being quite the handful at the time. In the same trip, I found a pair of maternity pants that actually have pockets!! That makes two that I've ever seen. Hello, just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you don't need actually need them more, I think.

- Jenna has been cranky booty beyond belief for the past 2-3 days. I do believe our days of actually dining in at a restaurant are numbered, at least for a while. :) In Jenna's defense, I think she's not been feeling well, but it certainly hasn't been fun for us, either.

- I was asked to do some Spanish translation for the pregnancy center I go to once a month. They have some client forms that need to be translated. I'll know more within the next few days, but it feels good that I can give something back to them. They have helped our family out tremendously, and we've been able to have things for Jenna and Blakely that we would never have been able to afford otherwise.

- Braden's been trying out some progressively night-er shifts, and so far it's been going well. I'm not too keen on going to sleep without him, but it's not all of the time, either.

- Grampa's getting married?????!!!!! All I want is for him to be happy, so I'm thrilled for him. But can I just say that I really did not see that one coming?? :)

- We just ran out of hot water, since Braden's was doing dishes, the washer was running, and I was getting Jenna's bath ready. So....Jenna took a Mexico mission bath, a la Dad G. style, aka COLD! I hurried, and it wasn't death cold, so she did well. Afterward, we dressed her in this cute little blue (but it had flowers!) pajama set I found on sale at Target. I always get excited when I see anything blue for girls, because it's rare. I love blue!! And Jenna's eyes really stand out when she wears it, so she looks great in that color.

- We've been working our way through Prison Break, Season 2. They keep having cliffhangers at the end of every episode, of course, so it's hard to just stop at one! I will just say, how in the heck can a conspiracy go that far?? It's a little hard to believe. And, oh look, the good guys were somehow saved at the last minute.

- I've been catching up on Harry Potter the last few weeks. I had stopped way back in the day at the Goblet of Fire, and I just got an email that the Deathly Hallows is in, so one more book to go. My goodness, it is ever so much easier to get a book from the library a year after its release!

- Jenna is getting a lot better at walking. She's falling down a lot less and getting faster. We all went to the pregnancy center for my appointment, and she was so funny. She kept stopping and just grinning and laughing at everyone. It was obvious she thought everyone was there to see her. The same thing happened at the hospital where Braden took her to see his old co-workers. What, does the world revolve around her or something?? :) She's also just started this thing where she puts her hands behind her back like, "May I help you?" It usually coincides with her either being shy or exploring with a bunch of people around.

- My hub is THE MAN. He just did a bunch of dishes and washed out all the nasty tupperware I gave him from the fridge. I love me a man who cleans out nastiness of nasty-ation. I am talking FURRY. One of them was, I do believe, some of the grossest leftover remains I have ever seen, even rivaling the gross mac-n-cheese from my BYU days. Needless to say, we'd been putting off cleaning out the fridge for a little while. Braden rules!!!


Carolyn said...

Welcome to the world of "having your hands full." It must be the only statement people have to say when they see parents with "active" kids. I hear the old "you sure have your hands full" like frequently. Which yeah, I guess is true. I do have my hands full. Sometimes I feel like saying, "Thank you dear stranger, for stating the obvious. Ya mind lending me a hand with the door instead of staring at me??!!"

What grandpa is getting married?

Good to hear such a detailed update!

dan said...

The thing I find amusing about watching past season TV DVDs is the cliffhangers where it's like "Ooh is this person going to die?!?!?" when you know from watching (or following) the current season that the person in fact did not die. So it kind of kills the suspense...

Braden said...

Dan, that is why we try scrupulously to avoid finding out what is going on in the current season, although it is not always possible.

What really gets me are the "suspenseful" moments where they make you think the main character is going to die. Perhaps if they actually let the main character die a time or two, I might feel some suspense that it could happen. But I don't think I've ever actually seen it, so I just yawn and wait for the big "miracle".

annahannah said...

I never heard of prison break. Is it good?? would I like it??

Dad is the definite tupperware opener in our family. Plus he doesn't like to see me vomit. or even gag.

Megan & Jeremy said...

I must say I usually make my husband get all the nasty moldy things in our fridge out and in the garbage or down the disposal--which happens quite often it seems. I'm glad we're not the only ones that never finish our food!
Oh and I'm excited you guys are having another girl, it's fun to have them in pairs :-)

Braden said...

Hey Megan,

Maybe your two boys and my two girls can do the Coleman thing. It'd sure be nice to just use the same wedding invitations.

We'll have to put them all in a room together for a while and see what happens.