Thursday, June 26, 2008

You're Not Letting Me Get My Way Because You Hate Mormons!!

Do you think saying the title of this post would get you what you want? Yeah, me neither. Or what about, "...because I'm female, blond, and LEFT-HANDED!!!" (okay, not so blond anymore, but I do still have some highlights)

I read a story yesterday about how a black man was checking out at a grocery store, and the cashier politely recommended a plastic bag over a paper bag for a particular item. The man's response? "You're RACIST! You just said that because a plastic bag is white and a paper bag is brown!!"

Um, are you kidding me???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME. If I were that cashier, I would have a hard time not laughing out loud upon hearing that. I guess the cashier just stared at him. This same man was at the deli earlier and didn't get waited on right away, so he told the deli clerk, "I think you just don't like waiting on black people!" Even this guy's wife was embarrassed. Geez, people. Gimme a break.

Changing the subject a little bit...
Our society's all about entitlement anymore. So many people cheat, lie and outright steal, and they think it's perfectly acceptable. There's apparently a scam going around where a customer hands a cashier a certain bill and then asks for a certain amount of cash back. When the cashier proceeds to count out the money, the customer then changes his mind several times regarding how much cash he wants back, all the while handing the cashier different bills and taking back what he's already given him/her. The purpose, of course, is to confuse the cashier into giving the customer way more money than he should get back. This works a lot of the time, too, because who wouldn't be confused and lose track of how much money is being exchanged?? Sometimes the customer has an accomplice who chats up a coworker, keeping him/her from noticing what his partner in crime is doing. It's really sad that so many people in our society have absolutely no moral compass.


dan said...

That bill swapping scam is an old one. I remember that someone pulled it on one of the cashier's at Mr. Hero when Scott Collins was working there.

Ker said...

Oh, okay, so it's been around longer than I thought. I'd just been reading about it lately and hadn't ever heard of it. Good thing nobody tried it on me when I was a cashier!!

annahannah said...

yeah, i've heard of it too.