Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Latest Edition of the J News

In the past 2 or 3 days, Jenna has started saying a whole bunch of new words. I had wondered when she'd start to do that, since she has been stuck on "dada" (generic word that can mean just about anything) and various gibberish, such as "gahdee-gahdee-go", "digga-digga", "go-gy, go-gy, go-gy" and "tsssss".

She has now said, on purpose and with semi-full comprehension (since who knows, really?) the following words: Bye bye, car, ball, mama (she's said that before, but now I *think* it's on purpose), go, doggy, piggy. That's all I can think of off the top of my head, and the last two sound somewhat alike, but hey, cut the kid some slack; she's 14 months old! I think it's amazing how far she's come in just a few days.

Also, and this is unrelated, but that kid loves her some mexican rice and refried beans! That's my girl! Oh, oh, and as of a week or two ago, she just started folding her arms for prayer. So cute!! The funny thing is, we never really taught her to do it, she just started doing it when I made it a goal to start having family prayer at night. We also had our first official FHE this past Monday. We have found it difficult to do FHE as just a couple and now as a couple with a little kid. But I decided to just have a short one (since, hey, all of us have short attention spans) and who knows if it sank in with Jenna, but I sure felt warm and fuzzy afterwards. The lesson went a little something like this: "Jenna was in heaven with Heavenly Father and then came down to be with our family!! And now a new baby is going to be with our family, too! Jenna is going to be a big sister!! We're so glad that you are in our family!!! Yay!!" Short and sweet, and she still squirmed and wanted to go play. What can you do? :)

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annahannah said...

and that's how fhe's frequently go. Good job starting. I love reading about the fam, and i liked my phone message...i saved it.