Thursday, June 26, 2008

Anyone Want Some Bananas?

Because we've got just a few over here. See, we already had a bunch or two, and then I bought 4 more because I'd signed up to bring bananas to the Strawberry Festival at church last Saturday (one for us, 3 for the ward activity). Well, turns out that they had plenty of bananas, so when we left, I ended up just taking my bag o' bananas back home with me. And now begins the mad hunt for recipes to use up bananas. I am currently baking 4, yes, you read that right, 4 loaves of banana bread as we "speak". However, that only used up 10 bananas, and I still have 3 bunches that are rapidly becoming too ripe to be in anything other than baked goods. I might get a few more days out of them, and I'm enlisting Braden and Jenna's help in eating them. I think we will be thoroughly sick of banana bread by next week. If anyone should deign to grace us with their presence in the next week, they'll be leaving with a nice baked goods gift. :)

Anyone got any good banana recipes?


LintyPuppy said...

How about a banana smoothie? Or I've got a recipe for banana oatmeal muffins I can send on over. Or how about chocolate dipped frozen bananas? You can also just put them in the freezer with the peel on (either in a freezer bag or not). The peel will turn black but the banana will still be good. Use them in whatever you can think of - just don't defrost, peel and eat.

Hope this helps!

annahannah said...

I peel before I freeze them. and I break them in half, the better to smoothieize them.