Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Little Weird News

Time for another edition of A Little Weird News. I keep wanting to post one but then run out of time or energy. Tonight is no exception. It is almost 11 and I work a ten hour shift tomorrow, so here's the deal: I'll post, but don't expect much in the way of comments from me. Are we agreed? Good, then lets get going.

1. I'll start with one that may also end up on my medical blog. It is a short comic strip, and pretty clever. Enjoy.

2. With time running out and the opposite goalie away from the net out of desperation, David Beckham gets the ball and calmly scores a goal... from 60 yards out.

3. Here's a word of advise: when you fire the disgruntled employee, watch your back.

4. Here's a word of advice: don't race motorcycles. Wow.

5. Stormtroopers can do a lot of things. Some things, however, they just can't do.

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