Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Two P' is that pee pee? :)

I'm looking a lot more pregnant than I did even a couple of days ago. It's funny, because on Thursday we were down south and stopped by the hospital where Braden used to work and his old co-worker said (upon hearing the news that we were having another baby), "Oh...I just would've thought you had a really big lunch." :) Well now it's a really, REALLY big lunch...and dinner! But I guess it still depends on who you ask whether or not I look prego. Trust me, the belly is sticking out a lot more! I'm halfway done, baby!

Anyway, I made some fettuccine alfredo about an hour ago, and I think I may just have to come to grips with the fact that low-fat alfredo sauce = poop. And yet, I keep trying. It's just about hopeless, but I keep trying. There are few things more annoying than spending a bunch of time on a recipe and having it turn out crappy. One of them is when Jenna poops about 2 minutes after I change her diaper. This happens frequently. A small part of me wants to just not change her again. But I'm a nice mommy. It will be splendiferous when she is potty trained....and, oh wait, I'll still have to deal with diapers for a while! And you see, there I go back to the poop theme. It's almost inevitable when you are the parent of young children. Suerie! :)


Braden said...

I liked the alfredo sauce. It really hit the spot for me.

annahannah said...

alfredo. in order to make low-fat alfredo, you have to change nearly all the ingredients. is it then still alfredo. or is it "al"