Friday, June 20, 2008

A Little Good Photography

No... not pictures of Jenna, but a few collections I have come across recently of inspired photographs:

1. Aerial Photography by French photog Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

2. From the Russian SADR (School of Architect and Designer Rejects) comes this collection of senior projects.

3. I wish I was this talented with photoshop.

4. One of my favorite tricks when I was into photography was to use blur to create the impression of movement. Here are some pictures and tips on how to do that.

5. Nature Photography by Nebraska son Mike Hollingshead. (doesn't it look like he is peeing in the second picture on the "about" page?)

6. Amazing picture of Corn Fields. Yes, you read that right. Corn Fields.

I'm off to go save someone's life. Have a nice day!


annahannah said...

I suspect a little photoshopping in almost all the photos :)

LintyPuppy said...

I am really excited to try out the blur technique. I finally have a camera that allows me to change the shutter and aperture settings, and until I read the "how-to" for that post, I never knew what to do with that feature on my camera. Thanks for posting that!