Friday, November 30, 2007


Okay, so I didn't post for 30 consecutive days. BUT, I now have, with this post, 31 posts for November!! Yay MEEEEEE.

And now I just got the silent indication that hub is zonked and it is therefore time to go to bed. Until tomorrow, then, folks. GOOD NIGHT, EVERYBODY!!

Clickiness O' Linkage

These tend to build up if I don't post for a few days. Suerie. Feel free to not click on any should you be pressed for time or not in the "clickiness o' linkage" mood.

Memorable moments from past Presidential debates

How to eavesdrop from a distance

Real-life superheroes

Frugal billionaires

How sports owners made their money (This one's for you, Braden and Dan)

3 socks - Too bad they're hideously ugly of ugliness and ugly-ation

Top 10 Useless Talents

A very interesting link on different theories of intelligence

Fun cat game

The Thanksgiving Post...Over a Week Later

Okay, let me admit something right up front: I wasn't very excited about Thanksgiving. Heck, I didn't even feel like going to Thanksgiving dinner. Braden was working, and Thanksgiving's never been that much of a to-do in my family. However, the holiday season does bring back memories of family, and it is for that reason that I always miss my family the most this time of year. That said, I'm really glad I went and hung out with the in-laws, in spite of my initial reluctance. I had fun, and so did Jenna. Braden came and joined us around 6pm, and we all played The Dilbert Game.
Here are some pictures from the event:

Before we begin, I would just like to point out that this is what happens when a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is on crack. Thank you.

Candy (Braden's cousin by marriage) hamming it up with Braden's dad

Thanksgiving Dinner

Jenna relegated to the corner during Thanksgiving dinner, and, from the looks of it, seems ready to take it out on that bug rattle!

My beautimous and bootilicious Banana Cream Pudding Pie (Jenna doesn't seem to be at all interested, though)

My beautimous Reese's Cup Pie

J-Dawg showing some mean tongue action

The purposely overly-complicated Dilbert Game

Braden's cousin Kyle roughhousing with his little cousins

Toward the end of The Dilbert Game, I was banished to sit underneath the nearest table. I consoled myself by taking really crappy pictures, of which this is most obviously one

I hope you all enjoyed this Thanksgiving post. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Didja Miss Us?

I know I said I had a plethora of posts in me, but then other stuff got to happenin', dontcha know.

Current Jenna Milestones:
11/28/07 - Jenna sat up from a crawling position all by herself for the first time! Braden looked up, and there she was sitting up.

11/30/07 - (Pssst..that's today) Jenna has been experimenting with the "Dada" sound ALL DAY. It's so cute. "AdadadaDA!"

Recent Jenna pics I deem worthy to share:
(She sometimes has her glasses on, and sometimes it's time to take them away from her because she's banging them on the floor. It so happens that all of these pics are without glasses)

We went for a walk around the neighborhood. I looooove that little hat!

11/25 Sunday photo

Cute lil' jacket

Jenna feeding herself

Monday, November 26, 2007

For Your Viewing Pleasure

11/21/07 - Jenna Crawling

Jenna After My Desk Chair

11/21 - Jenna Crawling Some More

Jenna Crawling Even More

Jenna Laughing

Saturday, November 24, 2007

An Ode to Straps, Belts and Tags of Any Kind, Ever

Goo goo ga
Ga goo waa
Goo Belt ga
Ga Strap waa
Goo goo Tag.

Now that Jenna has expressed her love for all things strap, belt and tag, let me tell you a little bit more. Jenna LOVES straps, belts and tags of any kind, ever. She gets *so* excited when she sees anything remotely related. We're talking high-pitched squeals and frantic movement toward said object. Who needs *real* toys when an old belt will do? I can sit her up right by her diaper backpack, and she is good to go for MINUTES on end. Mmmm, strap.

The Love of J-Dawg's Life

Notice how she goes right for the tag...

...and into the mouth

Taggies sure got it right! Thanks for the blanket, Carolyn and Dan!

Jenna as Santa and Other Photo Opportunities

We dressed Jenna up as Santa this past Wednesday and took her out to WalMart. We get a lot of stares these days no matter where we go, but this time it was partly because hey, she was in a little Santa suit!

We also took Christmas family photos yesterday, also at WalMart. Jenna did pretty well, although she kept sticking out her tongue. Pretty funny stuff. We had the "Hey Pumpkin" lady as our photographer again. As in "Hey, Pumpkin, hey, pumpkin, hey, pumpkin" over and over to try and get Jenna to smile. We were all in different shades of maroon, but it was the best we could do. We'll have to plan that better next time.
Jenna had some really cute photos! I can't wait to get them, but they won't be ready until the 12th. That's longer than it usually takes, but it *is* the holiday season after all.


Going to WalMart is tiring

Lo, There Is Much Crawl-age

Jenna Bear is crawling now! It's been amazing to see her rapid progress, literally. It's only been about a week, and she progressed from not really using her legs at all (essentially army crawling) to using one leg, and now she actively uses both. She now uses her legs to propel her forward much more than her arms, when a week ago she was only using her arms. She also was still relying on rolling to get where she wanted to go, but as of even 2 days ago, she is now using crawling as her primary method of "transportation", if you will. It's so fun to watch her!

I have a lot to blog about, so there will be a plethora of posts coming up. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! To my fam...missed you a lot!

Here are some pics:

These first three are of Jenna in mid-crawl. The third is her starting to get out of a sitting position. She always has her foot and leg contorted underneath her, but she is getting faster at getting to a crawling position. The fourth picture is Daddy and Jenna having fun! The pink and white outfit says "My Daddy Rocks" on the front, although you can't see it here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

5 Minutes for Mom

Bear with me as I enter a contest to win, among other things, this and this. It's from a neat site called "5 Minutes for Mom" that I discovered a few days ago. They also have a Christmas giveaway contest, the details of which can be found here. Or you can just click on the following image:

Christmas Giveaway 2007 Sweepstakes

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What's In A Name?

It's official. We have gotten our first ever check made out to "Brandent". Okay, I semi-understand the addition of another "n" to Braden's name, because people probably look at it and think, "Gosh oh gee whillikers, whoever typed this forgot the "n" in Branden!!" Never mind that I've never seen it spelled any other way than "Brandon", but these day, you truly never know. But adding a "t" on the end???? What goeth on?!!

Other names Braden has been called:


And now for Fun Ways to Misspell Kerry's Name!

(your entry here)

And I can't tell you how many times I've been called Kelly, even in emails where my name is prominently displayed at least twice, and often right above where they have typed "Dear Kelly..." It's really not that difficult, folks. IT'S RIGHT THERE.

The kicker in letter-y goodness: Mr. Kerry...we'd like to invite you to join the army!

No Bathroom Humor At The Table

Kevobobby, this one's for you.

The funniest thing about it is that the bloggers, at least at first glance, seem to be completely in earnest. Take, for instance, this blogger. Um, hi? How about you go to the bathroom to do your business, not loiter around writing odes to the toilet on notepads specially provided by your workplace?? I mean, I'm all for comfort and cleanliness when it comes to using a public restroom, but I'm not going to write a treatise on the *ideal* workplace bathroom and how it contributes to team culture. As long as I don't ever have to use a urinal, and nothing's growing on the toilet seat, I'm good to go.

Check out this comment thread at the bottom of the abovementioned post:

Fred Oliveira Says:
November 1st, 2007 at 12:54 pm
We have office supplies in the bathroom so people can write down haikus. It gets.. interesting.

C.B. Whittemore Says:
November 1st, 2007 at 1:05 pm
Kate, this is brilliant! Well done. Love the photos and the overall concept.

Lucky Luciano Says:
November 1st, 2007 at 6:21 pm
“This is brilliant”?? This is mindless blather. The bathroom is for urinating, dropping anchors, and (hopefully) washing your hands. What’s next? Using the cistern as a writeboard?

I'm with you, Lucky.

Test Your Geography

How well do you know your world? (Try doing it *without* looking at a map first; we went into it's more fun that way!)

I rediscovered that my working knowledge of the Middle Eastern countries leaves something to be desired, as well as the African countries, unless we're talking about South Africa. As for Canada, if I didn't know the answer, I just clicked in the middle! :) And I keep switching the Koreas and Vietnam, dang it!

After three tries, I improved a lot, and my traveler IQ was 110 with a final score of 350,772. I finished level 10, but was quite a bit short to continue on to level 11 (there are 12 levels in all).

I like how it makes fun of you if you're way off. "This is Earth. You know that, right?" Nice.

I imagine Dan and Ryan will kick my royal boo-tay. But hey, I did pretty well! Especially considering that level 10 kept throwing places at me that I'd never heard of. Um, I *think* that's in Africa?? (closes eyes and clicks blindly) :)

This would probably be a really fun game for Amy, too.

Anyway, so much for dinner! Darn you, Mental Floss!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I am Cold-Blooded

I sat in the wrong seat in RS (women's meeting at church) today. I sat down and then realized that I was a) right next to the window and b) right by a vent blowing cold air. For some reason now unfathomable to me, I remained in said seat, even though cold air was wafting my way with a vengeance. My left hand got quite the workout as it rubbed my right arm *raw*.

For those of you unaware, I am cold-blooded. My body temperature is naturally at least several degrees below "normal". I would much rather be in a sweltering hot place than a place where you go outside and instantly have snotcicles. Except Missouri. In the summer. NO WAY. And people will probably point out that you can always put on more layers, but you can only take so many layers off. This is true. However, I don't care. :) I would still rather be hot than cold.


Helpful Hints That Perhaps Your Special Nonmember Sunday Service Is Not Going So Well

Overheard at church today:

Mom: Did you go to Sunday School...was it boring?

8-Year-Old Son: Yeah.

Mom: Did you play any games?

8-Year-Old Son: No.

Mom: (snorts) Figures.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Grocery Store Happenings

I got to go out by myself for a whole *two* hours today. Aw yeah! I went to the pawn shop first, because we haven't been there in months, and I wanted to check out what used DVDs they had. I finally got King Kong--it's not the special edition that I've really wanted for a while, but hey, for less than $4, it's alllll good, baby.

Then I went to the grocery store. I ran into a guy who knows my hub and chatted with him for a little bit. You know when you run into somebody you don't know very well, and you hope to high heck that you don't run into them again in another aisle because you have exhausted your list of things to say? This was one of those situations. But luckily, I managed to avoid doing that. Then, when I was walking down the back aisle, they had a table with samples of Dove chocolate and coupons, with no one else around. So I took a sample, and out of nowhere the sample lady sidles up to me and starts spouting Dove praises. I was caught completely off guard (good thing I didn't try to snag all the samples for myself) and said, "Oh, I thought the table was...un-womanned." And then I turned my face away from her and started laughing hysterically, because I JUST SAID "UN-WOMANNED"!!! That's like saying "Don't fall down the personhole". !!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pull Ups for Young Men

I thought Eric D. Snider was joking about the existence of this song.

But then, I also thought "on the down low" meant "secret". What do I know?? Go here to read the Snide Remarks on the important subject of saggy pants.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Regular Occurrences at our House

Some Pics for Mama

Pictorial Booty

There. I can die now. I have named a post "Pictorial Booty".

Yucky, Daddy!

Jenna's Sunday dress about 4 weeks ago. For some reason, this dress just looks like a Miller dress. Dunno why.

Happy, wild-eyed, naky baby

This picture is on the back of the Honey Bunches of Oats box. Tell me that's not Elaine Benes. Go ahead, tell me.

This was the view from our back door at our old place a few weeks ago. Look at that contrast.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Whenever anyone says, "Brothers and sisters...", my brain automatically says, "PUMP UP THE VOLUME! DIDDIDDIDA! WE GONNA GETCHA!" More often than not, this happens in church, when I definitely should not be singing M/A/R/R/S.

I love to listen to music, especially while I am doing projects of some sort, like reorganizing the pantry. I have been known to stop what I am doing to make a CD and then my time to do that project is up before I am done making said CD.

Qwest screwed up by giving us a new number instead of the one we had. This has resulted in us getting numerous telemarketing calls. Some are in Spanish, because apparently whoever had this number before us went to a Spanish retail website of some sort. I do in fact speak Spanish, of course, but next time I will feign ignorance. "What? NO HABLE LE SPANISH, GRAS!!"* A phone call shall be made to Qwest's idiot department. Yes, hi, YOU came over a few days ago. Fix your screwup. In the meantime, I probably will just not answer the phone...anyone who needs to get ahold of me or Braden has our cell phone numbers.

*An old roommate of mine used to say "Gras" (sounds like GRAWce) for "Thank you", and even though she was often Roseanne-ish in her articulation and manner, I thought the word itself was funny. This roommate also asked "Is this okay?" as she pulled into the drivethru of Taco Bell on our way home from church my first Sunday there. Great first impression. She also bought a puppy a few weeks after I moved in. Okay, I know it's your condo and all, and I respect that, but don't you think that maybe it might be polite to tell your roommates before buying a pet?? Because I am definitely not a pet person at all. Don't get me wrong, animals can be cute; I just don't like them in my personal space, and they really don't understand that concept. So anyway, I was really upset when she brought the puppy home, but I couldn't say anything about it. However, I've always been pretty easy to read, and one day, as the puppy was jumping all over me, my roommate said, "C'mon, let's go...she doesn't like you." Um, hi? Maybe if you had asked me before the fact what I thought of you getting a puppy, you would have known that I was not down with that. I moved out soon after a third roommate moved in. She was on her third fiance, I think. She was also always getting ready when I was taking a shower way early in the morning (I had to be at work at 6 or 7am, usually). After the locked bathroom door apparently made her late a couple of times, she asked if she could just come in while I was taking a shower so she could put in her contacts and get ready. I promptly switched to night showers. Homey definitely do NOT play dat!! When I moved out, I planned to stay there one more night before moving the rest of my stuff over. A lot of my stuff was still in my room. I came home that night to find that this third roommate, who was to be taking over my room after I left, just COULD NOT WAIT those extra hours and had painted my room a different color. Um, did the STUFF ALL OVER THE ROOM not give you a hint that maybe I was not moved out yet? I swear I had told her. Anyway, I "slept" with eau de paintette.

Here's another random fact: If there is a strong smell around me while I am trying to eat something, my food tastes like that smell. My senses cannot filter it out. This means that I have to eat elsewhere if someone is playing with Play-Doh in the dining room (couldn't eat Dad G's pizza for months as a teenager because of Kevo! mmm, Play-Doh Pizza!). Mom was annoyed with me once because I moved the flowers in a vase from the dining room table. But my food would've tasted like that!! One of my roommates starting using nail polish remover once while I was eating. Bad times, my friend. BAD TIMES.

Polls of the Day

Which do you personally prefer, and why?

1. Gas or electric? (Think stove and oven)

2. Hardwood floor or carpet?

3. Glasses or contacts?

The Kerbear's answers:

1. ELECTRIC. boogiewoogiewoogie. Gas stoves scare me. Guess what our new place has? :) I know that when you turn off a gas stove, it's off, and you don't have to worry about hot surfaces, but I'd much rather deal with a hot surface than "click-click-click-BOOM!", thank you very much. Ask Braden about his lovely experiences with gas stoves on the mish in Tahiti. Good times, great oldies.

2. Carpet, all the way. Guess what our new place has, in the two rooms that we're in the most? :) I hear that hardwood floors are better for resale value, and it may be true that a lot of people prefer them, but I'll take carpet any day, even with kids - *especially* with kids. Yeah, carpet is harder to clean, but it's so much more comfortable and not slippery. The slippery-ness and hardness factor is important to me in terms of Jenna learning to walk. Carpet's not cold, either.

3. Well, if I am being completely honest, I would love to have surgery and not have to deal with either. But, if I have to choose, I would choose contacts over glasses. I have worn glasses almost exclusively for the past couple of years, but that's because of laziness and being out of contacts. I'm finally going in to get new contacts in a few weeks. Glasses are easier to put on and take off, but *hello*, I live in western WA, and rain + glasses = ANNOYING AS ALL GET OUT.

Come on, peeps, I wanna hear those opinions!

Monday, November 12, 2007

More Glasses-y Goodness

Picture-y Goodness

I went to get Jenna up this morning and found her like this. I have no idea how she managed to get her arm out of her sleeper!

Jenna's dress for church yesterday. It's hard to get her to hold still these days. She always has her leg stuck underneath her as she tries to get out of a sitting position.

Jenna always does this when Daddy holds her. So cute!

J managed to roll herself most of the way under our bed when I was trying to straighten up in there:

Don't you know you should put a bib on me when I eat, Mommy??

Everyone is Waiting with Baited Breath!

And now for the real reason you all have been waiting with baited breath:

She was pretty good about having them on until we got home. I finally put her to bed because *I* was tired. Tired of keeping her from pulling off this weird thing on her face, that is. She looks both cute and a little strange with them on. I think it will take awhile before anyone is used to them, Jenna included. The old guy in the second picture said, "I didn't even know they made glasses for a baby!" Neither did I, my good man. Neither did I. :) We got quite a few stares as we showed her off to a few people at Braden's work (since that was just down the hall from where we picked up the glasses). I suppose at some point we'll forget she has them on and then be like, "What are you looking at??", when people stare. But we're all very conscious of the change right now.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Did you know....

...that you can fit a sleeping five-year-old boy into a shopping cart under 2 or 3 coats and no one can even tell there's anyone in there? It'd be real fun to hide your kid in there and then have him randomly pop out when people walk by.

In other news, this house is creaky of death!! Cease and desist, oh creaks and groans!

Crea-eak, Crea-eak, Is It's Song

I don't particularly enjoy being alone in an unfamiliar, creaky house at night. And by alone, I mean, without hubbin. Peeps under the age of talkiness don't count. Actually, even when she does reach the age of talkiness, I would still consider myself alone in this sense. I guess I mean peeps old enough to vote and/or do some wicked damage to an intruder.

It's pretty bad when you go out to the kitchen and wonder if a used bottle or Baby Einstein spoon could be used as weapons, SHOULD IT COME TO THAT. Some of these creaks are strategically placed, I swear. Juuust far away enough that it really does sound like someone walking around *way over there*.

Never fear, Jenna Bear! Mommy's here!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Testing, Testing...

I came across this on another website:

I am worth $2,398,450 on
How much are you worth?

I didn't answer two or three questions that required navigating away from the main page to do other quizzes, so I don't know how that would've factored in. I would like to point out that I got ZERO for being bilingual! What the heck?? I would think that would be big money, baby.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Get yer Jenna fix heah!

These were all taken in early September (the 1st, 4th and 9th, respectively):

At the Olympia "Insert Parade-ish Name Here" Thing

Pleasantly Plump Bess

Okay, Okay, I'll Smile!

More on Glasses

I took Jenna to have her glasses fitted yesterday. She was a pretty good sport, even though she obviously didn't like strange people putting weird things on her face. The glasses she'll be getting are big on her, but she'll be growing so fast that I'm sure they will be too small before we know it. They are kind of a rosy color, and it will take a week for the lenses to be all ready. As promised, I will post pics at that time.

In other news, I have recently gotten back into books, since we didn't have internet for a week. Funny how we find other things to do when we can't surf. So I picked up Children of the Promise, Vol 1: Rumors of War by Dean Hughes. He's an LDS author, and I had read the first two or three of the 5 book series back in the day and then lost track of it. Actually, I don't think he had published all 5 yet back when I was into them. Anyway, I picked it up again, and thoroughly enjoyed it, even though SeƱor Hughes is a bit hokey at times. A little too "aw, shucks, golly gee whillikers, Mr. Thomas!" But I digress. The story follows an LDS family through WWII, so you get the historical background information from various locations, such as the Philippines, Japan, and, of course, Germany. All in all, an interesting read. Some may find the hokiness to be too much; others may be able to look past it. I liked it enough to buy the next two books in the series, although only because now you can get them for cheap on Amazon.

I've also gotten interested in travel writing. Well, I should mention that whenever I get interested in a subject, I don't ever go halfway. This means that I checked out 17 books from the library today. And I can already guess my husband's reaction when he reads this. To which I say, "No, I probably won't be able to read them all. But, oh, the glory in trying!" I just found lists on Amazon and started going through and requesting stuff...and there are so many good books! It's saddening, really, to want to read everything and never have enough time. But, I shall try my darndest.

So I just finished Cruel Miracles, a collection of short stories by Orson Scott Card. I do believe it contains one of the nastiest, most vomit-inducing short stories I've ever read. It's called "Kingsmeat", and the meat don't refer ta animals, just a hint thur, dontcha know. (Off topic, is anyone else reminded of Brian Jacques by reading the word "thur"?) I happened to be eating while reading it, to my everlasting chagrin. It, is, however, a story that makes you think. If anyone is feeling brave, read it and tell me what you think.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Genetics Are Sometimes Not Very Cool

Little Missy is getting glasses. Yep, that's right. The infant. That little baby sleeping in the crib. The one born *this year*.

The eye doctor said that she has esotropia. She crosses both eyes, depending on where she's looking, and she turns her head to look at things on the far right or left of her instead of just moving her eyes. When you force her to just use her eyes, she gets really mad! The doctor said that normally when babies are cross-eyed this young, surgery is needed to correct it, but that she wanted to try glasses to see if that would work. Also because Braden's vision is corrected by glasses, and this kind of thing runs in his family. Jenna's prescription is apparently moderate, so that's another reason to try glasses. So essentially what we will look for is if she's not cross-eyed anymore. I'll take Jenna to get fitted next week, and I'll be sure and post pics as soon as we get her glasses. Apparently, the eye place only has one pair of frames that will fit a baby. I didn't know they prescribed glasses for someone this young! I have mixed feelings about it, although my first reaction was, "Awwwwwww, how cute that will be!" Now I'm kind of thinking, "..but glasses stink. I hate my glasses!" We'll see how she does with them. They say that babies whose vision is corrected by glasses usually realize it, and so they usually don't pull them off. It remains to be seen what Jenna's reaction will be. I hope they're cute!

To the left, to the left

"...everything you own in a box to the left..."
So...moving. Rethinking that whole "let's move every 6 months" thing that always goes through our heads. Why are we so nomadic?? I know not. We just like new experiences. But I guess we're taking advantage of the fact that we *can* be nomadic right now, while the kiddo is little and not in school. Even so, moving is a hassle, and even more so with an infant. Infants DO realize that their world is suddenly chaotic, and that they're being ignored, and they do react to that. While church peeps were helping us move on Monday, I was running around trying to make sure that certain things didn't go on the truck yet, and Jenna (in her exersaucer) would periodically wail like the world was ending. Randomly and uncharacteristically. So go I thought she'd be fine, but she's old enough to realize that *something* is going on. But I think it was mostly that I couldn't be with her to comfort her when all this chaos was going on, and I really felt pulled in a thousand different directions, what with trying to finish packing and directing traffic. Anyway, the stuff was all in the truck and one by one, the elders starting saying, "Ok, well, I've gotta go..." So we were left with one guy who went to get his stepdad. Thank goodness for Braden's parents, who managed to get a couple of people from our "new" ward, and Braden's dad helped unload as well. We were panicking up to that point!! Things got unpacked, and I was able to take care of Jenna instead of running around, so she did much better.
I should mention that the reason why I was running around at the apartment was because we ran out of time to do last minute packing, since Braden had to give a presentation for school Monday at 3pm, and it ran over. So we rushed back to the west side, picked up the truck and barely had 30 min before people started showing up. Jenna and I were there to support Braden, but after about 15 minutes, Jenna was making a lot of noise, and since the presentation was being videotaped, we made a quick exit and hung out with Braden's dad's secretary Sandy (who is LDS). I should mention that the presentation was on vaccines and was given to Braden's dad's counseling psychology graduate class. Braden was *supposed* to give it at the singles branch, but they canceled at the last minute with no notice, so he was scrambling...luckily, his dad came through.
Tuesday we were supposed to clean the apartment, but we didn't have a whole lot of time to do it, since we had to take a big load back to our new place (this was stuff that we wanted to keep track of). Then Braden had to take off to work in Tacoma, and so Jenna and I went back to the house. I returned with Granna's car in the evening for a little over an hour and did what I could (thanks to Braden's mom for taking Jenna), but we still had a lot to do come Wednesday. I took Jenna up to Redmond (about 75 minutes away) for an eye appointment, and it took sooo long! We were there for almost three hours! My recurring leg injury started acting up with a vengeance as I carried Jenna into the building, and it's been extremely painful ever since. I'm baffled as to why it's acting up again...I may have to have it checked out again. Anyway, I will post more on Jenna's appt in another post.
Because the appt took so long, we didn't get back to Olympia until 3pm, and so we essentially missed Halloween, which was really disappointing for me...for Jenna's sake. I really wanted to take her to the church's Trunk or Treat that they had going on, but we didn't get done with the apartment until 8:30pm. What can you do? I suppose it's just as well, since Jenna's been really sick. We had her with us at the apartment and were desperate for something to entertain her, so I went next door and asked if we could borrow their 6-year-old! :) They let us borrow their swing instead. :) That worked for about 45 minutes, and, hey, we'd have taken anything! It was just really bad timing (our cleaning the apartment), b/c everyone was taking their kids trick-or-treating, so Jenna was with us, plus like I said, she's been sick. We actually took her into the ER on Wednesday night at 11:15pm and were there until 2:30am. Jenna was sounding pretty bad; she's been really congested and has this cough that sounds horrible. They gave her a breathing treatment and some antibiotics for an ear infection and sent us home. Then we took her to Urgent Care last night, and the doctor there said to stop the antibiotics, since her ear wasn't all that that's great that we spent that money. :) We bought a Vicks vaporizer and that seemed to help a little, so that's good. She still sounds pretty bad, though. Poor little babe!
Granna's funeral was yesterday, and it was a beautiful service. I'll have to ask for copies of talks, though, since I was out in the halls with Jenna for 3/4 of the time. We had a nice little luncheon-type thing afterwards and lots of funeral potatoes, which I love. Granna would like that I enjoyed them so much, I think. :) We miss you, Granna! I got to see her just before they closed the casket, and they had done a wonderful job dressing her and everything. She almost looked like herself. It was very sad to see her, but I'm glad that her spirit is elsewhere.

We shall have to stage a certain event that happened at the luncheon and take a picture of it to share. Suffice it to say that Jenna was trying to get out of her stroller and nearly succeeded without either of us noticing! Braden looked back and saw this little pink butt hanging out of the bottom part! A little scary, but I don't think she could have gotten through...and it was so funny looking! Needless to say, we then strapped her in. :)
Got my flu shot today. Arm is sore! Time to end this post, baby.