Saturday, November 24, 2007

An Ode to Straps, Belts and Tags of Any Kind, Ever

Goo goo ga
Ga goo waa
Goo Belt ga
Ga Strap waa
Goo goo Tag.

Now that Jenna has expressed her love for all things strap, belt and tag, let me tell you a little bit more. Jenna LOVES straps, belts and tags of any kind, ever. She gets *so* excited when she sees anything remotely related. We're talking high-pitched squeals and frantic movement toward said object. Who needs *real* toys when an old belt will do? I can sit her up right by her diaper backpack, and she is good to go for MINUTES on end. Mmmm, strap.

The Love of J-Dawg's Life

Notice how she goes right for the tag...

...and into the mouth

Taggies sure got it right! Thanks for the blanket, Carolyn and Dan!


annahannah said...

whereas her mother detests tags and cuts them immediately out of any clothes

Carolyn said...

So glad the taggies gift is just what Jenna loves right now. :-)