Saturday, November 3, 2007

To the left, to the left

"...everything you own in a box to the left..."
So...moving. Rethinking that whole "let's move every 6 months" thing that always goes through our heads. Why are we so nomadic?? I know not. We just like new experiences. But I guess we're taking advantage of the fact that we *can* be nomadic right now, while the kiddo is little and not in school. Even so, moving is a hassle, and even more so with an infant. Infants DO realize that their world is suddenly chaotic, and that they're being ignored, and they do react to that. While church peeps were helping us move on Monday, I was running around trying to make sure that certain things didn't go on the truck yet, and Jenna (in her exersaucer) would periodically wail like the world was ending. Randomly and uncharacteristically. So go I thought she'd be fine, but she's old enough to realize that *something* is going on. But I think it was mostly that I couldn't be with her to comfort her when all this chaos was going on, and I really felt pulled in a thousand different directions, what with trying to finish packing and directing traffic. Anyway, the stuff was all in the truck and one by one, the elders starting saying, "Ok, well, I've gotta go..." So we were left with one guy who went to get his stepdad. Thank goodness for Braden's parents, who managed to get a couple of people from our "new" ward, and Braden's dad helped unload as well. We were panicking up to that point!! Things got unpacked, and I was able to take care of Jenna instead of running around, so she did much better.
I should mention that the reason why I was running around at the apartment was because we ran out of time to do last minute packing, since Braden had to give a presentation for school Monday at 3pm, and it ran over. So we rushed back to the west side, picked up the truck and barely had 30 min before people started showing up. Jenna and I were there to support Braden, but after about 15 minutes, Jenna was making a lot of noise, and since the presentation was being videotaped, we made a quick exit and hung out with Braden's dad's secretary Sandy (who is LDS). I should mention that the presentation was on vaccines and was given to Braden's dad's counseling psychology graduate class. Braden was *supposed* to give it at the singles branch, but they canceled at the last minute with no notice, so he was scrambling...luckily, his dad came through.
Tuesday we were supposed to clean the apartment, but we didn't have a whole lot of time to do it, since we had to take a big load back to our new place (this was stuff that we wanted to keep track of). Then Braden had to take off to work in Tacoma, and so Jenna and I went back to the house. I returned with Granna's car in the evening for a little over an hour and did what I could (thanks to Braden's mom for taking Jenna), but we still had a lot to do come Wednesday. I took Jenna up to Redmond (about 75 minutes away) for an eye appointment, and it took sooo long! We were there for almost three hours! My recurring leg injury started acting up with a vengeance as I carried Jenna into the building, and it's been extremely painful ever since. I'm baffled as to why it's acting up again...I may have to have it checked out again. Anyway, I will post more on Jenna's appt in another post.
Because the appt took so long, we didn't get back to Olympia until 3pm, and so we essentially missed Halloween, which was really disappointing for me...for Jenna's sake. I really wanted to take her to the church's Trunk or Treat that they had going on, but we didn't get done with the apartment until 8:30pm. What can you do? I suppose it's just as well, since Jenna's been really sick. We had her with us at the apartment and were desperate for something to entertain her, so I went next door and asked if we could borrow their 6-year-old! :) They let us borrow their swing instead. :) That worked for about 45 minutes, and, hey, we'd have taken anything! It was just really bad timing (our cleaning the apartment), b/c everyone was taking their kids trick-or-treating, so Jenna was with us, plus like I said, she's been sick. We actually took her into the ER on Wednesday night at 11:15pm and were there until 2:30am. Jenna was sounding pretty bad; she's been really congested and has this cough that sounds horrible. They gave her a breathing treatment and some antibiotics for an ear infection and sent us home. Then we took her to Urgent Care last night, and the doctor there said to stop the antibiotics, since her ear wasn't all that that's great that we spent that money. :) We bought a Vicks vaporizer and that seemed to help a little, so that's good. She still sounds pretty bad, though. Poor little babe!
Granna's funeral was yesterday, and it was a beautiful service. I'll have to ask for copies of talks, though, since I was out in the halls with Jenna for 3/4 of the time. We had a nice little luncheon-type thing afterwards and lots of funeral potatoes, which I love. Granna would like that I enjoyed them so much, I think. :) We miss you, Granna! I got to see her just before they closed the casket, and they had done a wonderful job dressing her and everything. She almost looked like herself. It was very sad to see her, but I'm glad that her spirit is elsewhere.

We shall have to stage a certain event that happened at the luncheon and take a picture of it to share. Suffice it to say that Jenna was trying to get out of her stroller and nearly succeeded without either of us noticing! Braden looked back and saw this little pink butt hanging out of the bottom part! A little scary, but I don't think she could have gotten through...and it was so funny looking! Needless to say, we then strapped her in. :)
Got my flu shot today. Arm is sore! Time to end this post, baby.

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