Saturday, October 27, 2007

I probably should be packing, but...

...we're almost done with packing anyway, and I don't feel like it! :) I was going through pictures looking for some of Granna and just kind of got lost down memory lane as far as Jenna is concerned. She certainly has come a long way since being that skinny little thing lo these many moons ago.


5/23/07 - Sleep Like An Egyptian...

6/7/07 - Braden kept blowing in Jenna's face, because she would blink, have a sharp intake of breath and stick out her tongue

6/7/07 - Jenna used to turn her head when Braden burped her, because she was used to me and being on my left shoulder. She would invariably find herself full on Braden's cheek. I ran to get the camera after these words were uttered: "Help! She's LICKING me!!"

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