Sunday, October 14, 2007

That's Sick!

Has anyone ever heard someone use the term "sick" to mean "cool" or "awesome", as in "that skateboarding trick was SICK, dude"? I saw it on craigslist today in the for sale section, and it was used to describe the graphics on a skateboard, like the fact that this guy thinks it's "sick" is a major selling point. Yeah, well, if it's so sick, then why are you getting rid of it, HUH?? :)

Anyway, the reason it crossed my mind is because we have all been sick, dude!! We've all had colds for over a week now, and now I think we're starting to get better, thank goodness. Poor Jenna...this is her first cold, and every time I go in to check on her when she's sleeping, her breathing sounds so ragged. She hasn't been too happy lately, with teething and general not feeling well-ness.

Here's my current favorite pic of Jenna. My sister-in-law Gina took this when she was babysitting Jenna for a couple of days while I was up north.

It is official: we have given our 20 days notice at our apartment complex, and we will be moving to D (Braden's bro) and T's place by the 31st of this month, which, you may have noticed, is not very far away. The problem is that D and T, who are moving to Renton, will not be out of their place until at least the 27th, so we don't really have anywhere to put our stuff yet, but, hey, that happens. We've taken over some stuff, and we may take some stuff over to the parentals-in-law's place. I dunno, like I said, we've been not feeling well, and Braden's never home, so we're behind. We'll get it done, we always do, but the 31st is definitely creeping up on us.

Here's a video of Jenna eating solid food for one of the first times:

And then here is another video from the same feeding. You can tell in the first one how she's doesn't quite know what to make of the food, and then in the second video, she is all for it!! :)

Jenna feeding herself:

Jenna sitting on Daddy:

My cross-eyed baby girl:

More peek-a-boo fun:

And finally, Kerry breading chicken ( of these things is not like the other...):


Euclid said...
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Vicki said...

I laughed so hard at the 2nd video my co-workers came round to investigate. ;-)

Thanks for sharing. Jenna rocks.