Sunday, November 18, 2007

Helpful Hints That Perhaps Your Special Nonmember Sunday Service Is Not Going So Well

Overheard at church today:

Mom: Did you go to Sunday School...was it boring?

8-Year-Old Son: Yeah.

Mom: Did you play any games?

8-Year-Old Son: No.

Mom: (snorts) Figures.

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dan said...

That reminds me of our "special" ward open house that we had one weekday evening. TPTB made a big deal about this for weeks and months in advance and how you should invite all your neighbors and friends and what not.

So we did and lo and behold one of our neighbors actually showed up (with their 2 kids)!! As it turned out, they were the only non-members at the whole shindig.

So they're sitting in this meeting I guess you could call it where someone is giving a lesson-like thing about how the church started and such, geared towards non-members. And it's them and about 30-40 members of the ward, just in there hanging out.

And their kid (0-1 year old) is making some noise, so after they can't shush him, they take him out because they're afraid they're disturbing everyone else and I'm thinking "EVERYONE ELSE HERE IS ALREADY HEARD THIS BEFORE!!!!!" :-)

Good times, good times...