Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crea-eak, Crea-eak, Is It's Song

I don't particularly enjoy being alone in an unfamiliar, creaky house at night. And by alone, I mean, without hubbin. Peeps under the age of talkiness don't count. Actually, even when she does reach the age of talkiness, I would still consider myself alone in this sense. I guess I mean peeps old enough to vote and/or do some wicked damage to an intruder.

It's pretty bad when you go out to the kitchen and wonder if a used bottle or Baby Einstein spoon could be used as weapons, SHOULD IT COME TO THAT. Some of these creaks are strategically placed, I swear. Juuust far away enough that it really does sound like someone walking around *way over there*.

Never fear, Jenna Bear! Mommy's here!!

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