Saturday, November 3, 2007

Genetics Are Sometimes Not Very Cool

Little Missy is getting glasses. Yep, that's right. The infant. That little baby sleeping in the crib. The one born *this year*.

The eye doctor said that she has esotropia. She crosses both eyes, depending on where she's looking, and she turns her head to look at things on the far right or left of her instead of just moving her eyes. When you force her to just use her eyes, she gets really mad! The doctor said that normally when babies are cross-eyed this young, surgery is needed to correct it, but that she wanted to try glasses to see if that would work. Also because Braden's vision is corrected by glasses, and this kind of thing runs in his family. Jenna's prescription is apparently moderate, so that's another reason to try glasses. So essentially what we will look for is if she's not cross-eyed anymore. I'll take Jenna to get fitted next week, and I'll be sure and post pics as soon as we get her glasses. Apparently, the eye place only has one pair of frames that will fit a baby. I didn't know they prescribed glasses for someone this young! I have mixed feelings about it, although my first reaction was, "Awwwwwww, how cute that will be!" Now I'm kind of thinking, "..but glasses stink. I hate my glasses!" We'll see how she does with them. They say that babies whose vision is corrected by glasses usually realize it, and so they usually don't pull them off. It remains to be seen what Jenna's reaction will be. I hope they're cute!

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Carolyn said...

My next door neighbor's baby had a similar crossed eyes problem. He also got glasses as an infant. Even younger than Jenna is now. Though he doesn't pull them off, he does go through glasses pretty quickly due to the fact that he's growing. Since he's worn his glasses since he was so young, I don't even notice them. They're just part of how he looks. Which is cute. :-) He's two now. Good luck with Jenna's glasses. I hope you can avoid the surgery!