Saturday, November 17, 2007

Grocery Store Happenings

I got to go out by myself for a whole *two* hours today. Aw yeah! I went to the pawn shop first, because we haven't been there in months, and I wanted to check out what used DVDs they had. I finally got King Kong--it's not the special edition that I've really wanted for a while, but hey, for less than $4, it's alllll good, baby.

Then I went to the grocery store. I ran into a guy who knows my hub and chatted with him for a little bit. You know when you run into somebody you don't know very well, and you hope to high heck that you don't run into them again in another aisle because you have exhausted your list of things to say? This was one of those situations. But luckily, I managed to avoid doing that. Then, when I was walking down the back aisle, they had a table with samples of Dove chocolate and coupons, with no one else around. So I took a sample, and out of nowhere the sample lady sidles up to me and starts spouting Dove praises. I was caught completely off guard (good thing I didn't try to snag all the samples for myself) and said, "Oh, I thought the table was...un-womanned." And then I turned my face away from her and started laughing hysterically, because I JUST SAID "UN-WOMANNED"!!! That's like saying "Don't fall down the personhole". !!!


annahannah said...

unwomaned. yea. what did she do? i'm laughing. how about her?

braden and kerry said...

I don't think she did anything. She was too intent on selling chocolate. :)