Friday, November 30, 2007

Didja Miss Us?

I know I said I had a plethora of posts in me, but then other stuff got to happenin', dontcha know.

Current Jenna Milestones:
11/28/07 - Jenna sat up from a crawling position all by herself for the first time! Braden looked up, and there she was sitting up.

11/30/07 - (Pssst..that's today) Jenna has been experimenting with the "Dada" sound ALL DAY. It's so cute. "AdadadaDA!"

Recent Jenna pics I deem worthy to share:
(She sometimes has her glasses on, and sometimes it's time to take them away from her because she's banging them on the floor. It so happens that all of these pics are without glasses)

We went for a walk around the neighborhood. I looooove that little hat!

11/25 Sunday photo

Cute lil' jacket

Jenna feeding herself