Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jenna as Santa and Other Photo Opportunities

We dressed Jenna up as Santa this past Wednesday and took her out to WalMart. We get a lot of stares these days no matter where we go, but this time it was partly because hey, she was in a little Santa suit!

We also took Christmas family photos yesterday, also at WalMart. Jenna did pretty well, although she kept sticking out her tongue. Pretty funny stuff. We had the "Hey Pumpkin" lady as our photographer again. As in "Hey, Pumpkin, hey, pumpkin, hey, pumpkin" over and over to try and get Jenna to smile. We were all in different shades of maroon, but it was the best we could do. We'll have to plan that better next time.
Jenna had some really cute photos! I can't wait to get them, but they won't be ready until the 12th. That's longer than it usually takes, but it *is* the holiday season after all.


Going to WalMart is tiring


annahannah said...

what's that in her eye in the second picture? a reflection? she broke her glasses already? she's a pirate santa????

Carolyn said...

Ahh, the cute Jenna blanket with the cute Jenna.