Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Test Your Geography

How well do you know your world? (Try doing it *without* looking at a map first; we went into it blind...it's more fun that way!)

I rediscovered that my working knowledge of the Middle Eastern countries leaves something to be desired, as well as the African countries, unless we're talking about South Africa. As for Canada, if I didn't know the answer, I just clicked in the middle! :) And I keep switching the Koreas and Vietnam, dang it!

After three tries, I improved a lot, and my traveler IQ was 110 with a final score of 350,772. I finished level 10, but was quite a bit short to continue on to level 11 (there are 12 levels in all).

I like how it makes fun of you if you're way off. "This is Earth. You know that, right?" Nice.

I imagine Dan and Ryan will kick my royal boo-tay. But hey, I did pretty well! Especially considering that level 10 kept throwing places at me that I'd never heard of. Um, I *think* that's in Africa?? (closes eyes and clicks blindly) :)

This would probably be a really fun game for Amy, too.

Anyway, so much for dinner! Darn you, Mental Floss!


dan said...

I've seen that game before.

I tried it again, I also got to Level 10 World Capitals (very hard).

I needed 50,000 points to continue, and got.... 49296. Grr...

There was a website that you could play and compete against other people on the same basic concept (getting the fastest / closest to various geographical points). They had USA, Europe and World maps

dan said...

Ah there it is. Took me awhile to find it


Ryan said...

228,066 completely finishing level 6 this morning, at which point i "paused" because I was late for work...and then came home from work to find out that it had continued without me.

So starting over and going all the way through -- final total was 431,808. On level 10 i got 48,443 needing 50k. Oh well :-\

annahannah said...

on 1 try i got 383986, level 10, forgot to look up how much i needed to continue on. travel score 113