Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Whenever anyone says, "Brothers and sisters...", my brain automatically says, "PUMP UP THE VOLUME! DIDDIDDIDA! WE GONNA GETCHA!" More often than not, this happens in church, when I definitely should not be singing M/A/R/R/S.

I love to listen to music, especially while I am doing projects of some sort, like reorganizing the pantry. I have been known to stop what I am doing to make a CD and then my time to do that project is up before I am done making said CD.

Qwest screwed up by giving us a new number instead of the one we had. This has resulted in us getting numerous telemarketing calls. Some are in Spanish, because apparently whoever had this number before us went to a Spanish retail website of some sort. I do in fact speak Spanish, of course, but next time I will feign ignorance. "What? NO HABLE LE SPANISH, GRAS!!"* A phone call shall be made to Qwest's idiot department. Yes, hi, YOU came over a few days ago. Fix your screwup. In the meantime, I probably will just not answer the phone...anyone who needs to get ahold of me or Braden has our cell phone numbers.

*An old roommate of mine used to say "Gras" (sounds like GRAWce) for "Thank you", and even though she was often Roseanne-ish in her articulation and manner, I thought the word itself was funny. This roommate also asked "Is this okay?" as she pulled into the drivethru of Taco Bell on our way home from church my first Sunday there. Great first impression. She also bought a puppy a few weeks after I moved in. Okay, I know it's your condo and all, and I respect that, but don't you think that maybe it might be polite to tell your roommates before buying a pet?? Because I am definitely not a pet person at all. Don't get me wrong, animals can be cute; I just don't like them in my personal space, and they really don't understand that concept. So anyway, I was really upset when she brought the puppy home, but I couldn't say anything about it. However, I've always been pretty easy to read, and one day, as the puppy was jumping all over me, my roommate said, "C'mon, let's go...she doesn't like you." Um, hi? Maybe if you had asked me before the fact what I thought of you getting a puppy, you would have known that I was not down with that. I moved out soon after a third roommate moved in. She was on her third fiance, I think. She was also always getting ready when I was taking a shower way early in the morning (I had to be at work at 6 or 7am, usually). After the locked bathroom door apparently made her late a couple of times, she asked if she could just come in while I was taking a shower so she could put in her contacts and get ready. I promptly switched to night showers. Homey definitely do NOT play dat!! When I moved out, I planned to stay there one more night before moving the rest of my stuff over. A lot of my stuff was still in my room. I came home that night to find that this third roommate, who was to be taking over my room after I left, just COULD NOT WAIT those extra hours and had painted my room a different color. Um, did the STUFF ALL OVER THE ROOM not give you a hint that maybe I was not moved out yet? I swear I had told her. Anyway, I "slept" with eau de paintette.

Here's another random fact: If there is a strong smell around me while I am trying to eat something, my food tastes like that smell. My senses cannot filter it out. This means that I have to eat elsewhere if someone is playing with Play-Doh in the dining room (couldn't eat Dad G's pizza for months as a teenager because of Kevo! mmm, Play-Doh Pizza!). Mom was annoyed with me once because I moved the flowers in a vase from the dining room table. But my food would've tasted like that!! One of my roommates starting using nail polish remover once while I was eating. Bad times, my friend. BAD TIMES.

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