Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'll Be Wrapped Around Your Aaaaaaaankle

Apparently, Braden is wrapped around Jenna's ankle instead of her being wrapped around his little finger. When I asked him to explain, he said that the cord for the Wii controllor is around her ankle as he sits in the beanbag chair playing Mario Kart, and she insists on playing with the huge LeapFrog alphabet computer board whilst sitting atop him. This means that whenever he manages to get her off him, she comes back over 2 seconds later to "give" him the board (read: smash it on his chest or face).

I don't help him in these "predicaments", because I happen to find it extremely hilarious. Instead, I blog about them, because he will miss her doing that in a few years, methinks. :)

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Braden said...

Perhaps in a few years I will still be missing the points that I could have had if my wife would have done her wiffenly duty to come and rescue me from the tyrannical grip of the Jennanator.

Instead, I had to suffer through losing 23 points because I came in 4th place in that race.

Perhaps she should read this: (I didn't bother to read it, I just looked up "the wife's duty" on Google, and I'm confident that somewhere in there is a section about "Wii Rescues")