Friday, June 20, 2008

Food, Not So Glorious Food

I recently discovered some things I don't like to eat:

Peanut sauces, most common in Thai dishes. I do like Thai food, just not so much peanut schtuff. I made a Thai peanut dish in the slow cooker, and after it had been cooking all day long, I smelled it, took a tiny bite and said, "I can't eat this." Braden was nice enough to eat some, but the leftovers went into the garbage. I was really disappointed, because that took so long to make!! I ended up having banana bread for dinner.

I saw some cute strawberries with chocolate tuxedos at Braden's friend's reception, so I tried one. BLECH. I guess I just don't like fruit mixed with chocolate/candy. It was so disgusting. The funny thing is, I do like strawberries, and I like chocolate (although not so much by itself), but when you put the two flavors together, I really hated it. I've also never liked orange flavor with chocolate. I remember there are these orange chocolate balls that I think maybe Dan got for Christmas at least once, and I must have had a taste because I have a memory of totally washing out my mouth! Yuck!!

Also, I don't know what it is about broccoli when I'm pregnant, but I do not like it at all! When I'm not pregnant, broccoli is actually one of the few vegetables I *almost* like. :)


LintyPuppy said...

All I can say is: Food that *looks* appetizing rarely tastes delicious. Those strawberries, while they were for eating, were more about how they looked than how they tasted. I'm with you. YUCK.

As far as the broccoli thing, I'm funny about vegetables when I'm pregnant too. I LOVE most fruits and vegetables, but I want them cold and raw. I haven't eaten a cooked vegetable in more than 3 months. The thought of eating a hot, steamed piece of broccoli...(shiver)

Ryan said...

Amen to confections for dinner, I have had banana bread as a meal more times than I care to think about. And for breakfast this morning I had a lemon ginger muffin. Totally unhealthy but sometimes...what can you do to combat the awesome power of laziness? That's right: nothing.