Wednesday, June 4, 2008

50 State Capitals

So you know the state names, but what about the state capitals?

On my first try last night (actually this morning at 5:00 after getting home from work) I got

50% exact
average 159 miles off

I tried again this afternoon and got

56% exact
average 70 miles off


dan said...

32 perfect; average error 31 miles.

Seriously is there anyone outside of Kansas who has a clue where Topeka is?

annahannah said...

28 perfect, error 49. pretty dang good, i think. then i saw dan's. I'd have been much better if i remembered that charleston was WV instead of SC. oops. and i put denver in utah, and i KNOW the difference.

dan said...

The only state I missed was putting Springfield in MO. Luckily that wasn't too far off....

Ryan said...

I got 54% with an average error of 54 miles on my first try.

That's ok though I got all the states around me dead on so I'm happy :-)

Braden said...


that's because all the states around you are like 5 square miles each. You can just dump the capital somewhere in the general vicinity of New England and it will say good job.

How did you do with the Dakotas?