Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Little Weird News #7

A Little Weird News for April 10, 2008:

1. For a pretty cool glance at the World Population - or at least the electricity distribution, check out this nifty world map picture.

2. For those of us who have grown up thinking that Walmart has been around forever, this video should be a little eye-opener about how new the chain is, and how much it has exploded. It is pretty cool to watch how it starts with a US map similar to the one in item 1 above and pretty soon it is taken over by all the Walmart locations.

3. Autism can produce some truly stunning minds. I'll be honest and say I don't understand much about Autism... certainly not as much as some of my loyal readers... but what can you say about Steven Wiltshire, who sees something one time and then can produce a perfect replication of it. Go ahead, try this at home.

4. I have enjoyed Improv Everywhere's "Missions" for quit some time, but I think the most recent, where they take a little league game into the Big Leagues has to be my favorite, because it goes beyond the interesting and funny into the inspiring and kind. These kids will never forget what a great day they had. I'm jealous.

5. It seems like every animal is now "all-natural" or "antibiotic free" or "free range". What if that applied to humans as well?


G.Ellis said...

That autistic artist was amazing. Just being able to sketch like that was amazing. He would qualify as autistic savant. Amazing. And I couldn't get enough of that plane landing. Reminds me of the time in San Diego when Mom and I stood at the end of the runway and I plane flew just over our heads. That was a thrill!

The Clarks said...

I finally found you!! I lost all my blog address when I switched my backround template!! Glad I found you!

Braden said...

Thanks for the comment, G. Did you, by any chance, think that the autistic artist was amazing? Because you only said it 4 times.

And welcome back to the real world of important people Jenny. Kerry is excited to have you back in our blogging life.