Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fun Games with Jenna

So I finally found a U.S.A puzzle where you can dump out all of the states and then put it all back together. I've been wanting to get one for Jenna for a few months but was unable to find one until a few days ago. It is quite obviously too advanced for the Schmenna right now, but I brought it into the playroom/living room last night to play with it and see what Jenna would do.

It turns out that instead of calmly doing the puzzle, it has become "how quickly can you do this puzzle whilst your one-year-old systematically sabotages you". In all honesty, I harbored no such illusions of calmly finishing the puzzle. I know my Jenna. :) So it was a pretty humorous sight, what with me putting Montana, Illinois and Minnesota (among many other states) in their places about, oh, 6 times. Jenna alternated between "helping" (read: dumping states onto the puzzle en masse) and actively hindering (read: taking states that I had already placed on the map and throwing them behind her OR sitting or putting her foot and half of her butt ON the puzzle while trying to grab more states and give them to me). So the game went a little something like this: "Oh, thank you. Thank you, Jenna. I don't quite need those yet. But thank you. Oh....um, can I have Montana back now? I actually wanted Illinois right where it was, but I guess you can put it behind you. Don't put Rhode Island ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR MOUTH." Ha, I kid about Rhode Island. I quickly take all the small states and put them on the map first just because they are so small.

And don't forget the "WOOHOO!" when I finally managed to beat the Jenna (twice, baby) and get the whole puzzle done.

It is actually a pretty fun game and a lot harder than you might think. :)


Megan & Jeremy said...

Congrats on the pregnancy!!! So are you guys due in October-ish? Hope you're feeling good Kerry :)

annahannah said...

sounds like fun. maybe you'll get faster! :) But one question?? Is she walking yet??