Monday, April 14, 2008

Speaking of Restaurants...

Has anyone else ever noticed that Applebee's excels at mediocrity? Seriously, any time I hear about or see a new item from Applebee's that interests me, if I go and try it, it's just...meh. This happened to me about 3 or 4 times until about 4-5 years ago when I just decided that it's really not worth it to go, no matter how GOOD the food item looks on the commercial. I mean, I don't get how a restaurant can stay at a "meh" level so steadily!! Every single item I have tried there has just been okay. And I've never had a super bad experience there or anything; it's just not worth my money.

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The Clarks said...

Hey Ker! I just wondered if you noticed I have Lexi's blog on mine. It's the Bielozer link! I love blogging and keeping in touch this way!