Friday, April 18, 2008

Food, Glorious Food

So Carolyn and I were talking this afternoon about food and kids. But forget the kids! I'm on the subject of food for us adults. I'm going to make up a food survey/quiz thing, and I would love to hear people's responses. 'Cause I'm nosy that way, and heck, I'm just curious. Plus, it's fun to share and learn things about each other.

What are your top three favorite foods?
Mashed potatoes and gravy, buffalo chicken and fettuccine alfredo

What is your favorite meal?
Hmm...fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and StoveTop stuffing

What is your favorite color? Oh, I'm sorry...stupid Monty Python...

What are your top three restaurant meals?
Blackened chicken alfredo from TGI Friday's, fettuccine alfredo and rolls from Danny Boy's in Rocky River, OH (just because Mom mentioned to me that they'd just had it, and I'm pregnant, and I CRAVE IT), and the buffalo chicken sub from Sammy's Subs in Tempe, AZ (I haven't had it since late '99, and it is sooooo good). It's hard to narrow it down! I also love me a yummy chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle.

For any pregnant or used-to-be pregnant peeps, what couldn't you eat during pregnancy and what did you crave?
I have found with both pregnancies that I cannot stomach broccoli. It's actually a vegetable that I've come to tolerate and even almost like....when I'm not pregnant. And then there was the "Strawberry PopTart Incident", but I blame that on nerves and the first trimester. Oh, and I don't like oatmeal in pregnancy, either. It just tastes weird. As for what I've craved, I was really craving a DQ Blizzard a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't get it. I cried. Dang pregnancy hormones!

What three foods do you absolutely hate?
Lima beans, beets and peas. Hmm, is anyone sensing that I'm not much of a vegetable person? I can manage to choke down a few peas, if it's with other stuff, but even then...
I can't even stand the smell of lima beans and beets.

What restaurant meal/food, if any, would you like to try and make at home?
Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana soup. Yummy.

Do you have any bad memories associated with food?
The "Stuffed Green Pepper Incident". When you make your kid eat it for breakfast the next morning because she couldn't choke it down at dinner, she will remember. Not that I'm bitter or anything... :)


Carolyn said...

I love quizzes!
3 favorite foods: (you didn't mention desserts. and I love dessert foods a ton! So I'll break it down)
-Potatoes in many varieties.
-Cheese in many varieties.
-Vegetables in many varieties.
(Pretty much I love food that I didn't have to make)

Top three desserts:
I-ce cream
-Cheese cake

Favorite meal:
Tough one. I never enjoy anything as much as when someone else makes it. If I had to pick something, I'd have to say -cream of potato soup with cheese and broccoli. But I'm sure there are plenty of things that I'd like more.

Favorite color: for now, orange. :-)

Top three restaurant meals:
You're killing me here! We never go out to eat. And certainly not often enough to even remember actual meals that are served.
I like going to real Mexican restaurants. Being vegetarian I have a major problem with most restaurants. Some have terrible options for vegetarians. Do they think that vegetarians just want to eat soup and salad all our lives??!!

Pregnancy cravings:
I can't eat pesto sauce when pregnant and I just don't like regular pasta sauce much either in early pregnancy.
I've craved those frozen lemon chills that you can get from baseball games. I also crave anything ice cream and chocolate.

Foods I hate:
-All meat.
-Leeks. (Though I've grown to enjoy some onions in small doses.)
-I'm not a big fan of Tofu. Unless it's mashed and hidden in other foods. I can't imagine just frying up tofu and eating it. Blah!
But I'm open to pretty much anything vegetarian.

Sorry dear, the last question about restaurant meals that I'd make at home is also stumping me. For the above reason of never going out to eat. It's too expensive!
But I really like vegetable lasagna with white sauce. Love to get my family to eat that stuff!
This was a long comment!

Carolyn said...

Sorry, but I forgot to mention something. It seems the more I talk to other people about food issues and hang ups they have, it seems that childhood trauma with food can leave long held scars. I know that I was much pickier as a child, about totally silly stuff too. But as I got older, I wanted more variety and I became willing to try new foods. (I don't remember my parents forcing me to eat foods. But I do remember my mom serving meals that we all liked.) I'm starting to feel that forcing kids to eat foods is not the way to go. You just end up giving them eating complexes. My feeling is that kids will become more willing as they get older, so don't push it. But I also think it's good for parents to set a good example along the way. If Mom and Dad enjoy eating vegetables or "strange" new foods and the kids see them enjoying it, then they will take that in. Like it or not, parents' actions speak louder than words. They'll take in your opinions about things, good or bad. So don't sit there and complain, "EEEW, I hate green beans!" Cuz your kids will pick that up. Be positive about meals. And discrete if you don't like something.
Hmm, now let's see if my theory actually works in practice. I'll let you know in about 10 years! :-)