Friday, April 25, 2008

name that...

Here is an interesting site for you to try. There are a number of fill-in-the-blank type games.

I started off with the periodic table of the elements... that didn't go so well.

The planets was hardly even a challenge.

The 50 states was a little harder - especially since I couldn't remember Alabama and Kentucky for a while.

Disney Villains did me in. I can't believe I couldn't remember the villains from 101 Dalmations and the Lion King.

I breezed through the American League on the MLB Teams page, but I got stuck on the last National League team, because really, who cares about the national league? I take some comfort knowing that the one I missed was the third-most frequently missed overall.

American Idol winners proved easier than I thought, though I still couldn't remember one of the runners up (runner ups?).

And finally, my AP US History teacher from high school would be ashamed that I could only name 24 of the US Presidents correctly. It is interesting to see which presidents were missed most often. I don't remember ever even hearing #21's name before...

Have fun.


dan said...

36/117 elements
all the states in 1:03
planets in 7 seconds
31 presidents
37/47 countries of Europe, though I should count Liechtenstein and Belarus as I just couldn't spell them right.
33/53 countries of africa
only 4 disney villains
all the south american countries in 18 seconds
33/48 countries in asia
16/23 countries in NA - all the ones I missed were islands
32/47 countries in europe though i'm counting reykjavik

twas fun

Braden said...

I knew you would be all over this one, Dan.

Ryan said...

-All presidents.
-41/47 Europe, missing only tiny ones like Malta and Montenegro (though I should have remembered that one)
-states in 1:29
-24 elements :-\
-30/53 in africa though i gave up 5 minutes in and maybe i might have had 3 or 4 more if i'd thought a little harder
-planets in nine seconds
-8/12 disney villains...can't believe i forgot shere khan
-15/23 countries in NA...ditto dan, all islands
-41/48 in asia...kyrgyzstan and tajikistan :-p
-all of south america in 29 seconds. some of that from mistyping colombia with a u to start off :-p
-missed 3 NL teams, one in each division...because really, I agree with braden. who cares about the national league?

and for an extras --
34/47 capitals of europe, but i mind-blanked on 3 that i know i knew :-)

yay for random nerd quizzes!