Sunday, April 6, 2008


I was going to include this link an one of my "Little Wierd News" posts, but I laughed so much with it, that I thought that it could enjoy it's own post. Check out this video from the Price is Right from April Fool's Day, especially the expressions on her face as they go over the features of her prizes, and pay special attention to how she is traveling and on what airlines. The first two minutes are worth watching... the rest is not funny, especially if you are Lisa


dan said...

Classic. I love the way she lights up after seeing the trip. She was kind of like "ooooooohkay" after the first 2 prizes, but then you could see her like "Hmm I don't know where Boguslovania is but it's a trip so it can't be bad"

And I'd totally drop $17K for a trans-rebounder alone!

Braden said...

You would rather have the trans-rebounder over the static-intellicator? What about when you need to make jello?