Friday, April 4, 2008

More Pics

It was so cute to see Jenna holding onto the chains on either side of the big swing.

These next two are from the mall last night.
I took one look at this ad and said, "Look, it's like Steve Carell meets Fabio!" Seriously, are there any (straight) men out there who want to look like this guy??? That's not your trainer, that's a woman, baby!! Just look at the smaller picture to the left of him/her.

Here are Braden and Jenna in the mall play area. At this point, we were getting ready to go after being reprimanded by a mall guard for daring to take pictures inside the mall. Never mind that EVERYBODY ELSE in the area was taking pictures of their kids. "No picture-taking in the mall" my booty. You'll note that I heeded his demand....thus, the following picture.
Actually, the mall was closed, and that's the real reason we were leaving. It was sad times for baby Jenna, who had so much fun!

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