Saturday, April 12, 2008


I'm a little behind on posting, since we've had a bunch of camera-worthy occasions lately, and I haven't downloaded anything onto the computer until just now. So there will be a mish-mash of stuff in the next few posts, if I get around to posting everything.

First off, Happy Birthday Jenna and Braden! And, in celebration of turning 1, Braden...ahem, Jenna got to switch to her big girl carseat, which faces forward. So now she can see a bit of the scenery. It is really weird to look back and see her staring back at us, but it is fun for us all. I think it certainly makes for less boring car rides for Jenna.

We strapped her in her "new" carseat and headed off to the mall for some good little kid fun. Jenna has a really good time at the play area there, so that was her birthday treat. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what a 1-year-old will really like, so when we find something, we do it a lot. Anyway, she had fun there, in spite of the territorial spats between a 2 1/2 year girl with a haircut like a Benedictine monk and a 3-year-old boy. Complete with hissing, pointing and shoving. The girl's two mommies did little to stop her brattiness. I realize that most/all kids go through a stage of brattiness, but this kid really took the cake.

Jenna in her "new" carseat

We forgot to bring the backpack into the Food Court, so Braden gave Jenna a little salsa cup, which she promptly destroyed

Nummy nummy

Jenna following the Benedictine Holy Terror up the slide, even though the latter was copycatting the former

Jenna actually managed to climb up this rocket ship all by herself!

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annahannah said...

So fun that Jenna has a cool free playground to visit. I heart her.