Sunday, April 13, 2008

Um, Say What?

Mom: "I don't have to teach this month, yay!"
Braden: "You're denying yourself blessings!"
Mom: " Yeah, I know. I'm such a slut."
Kerry: "...."
Kerry: "What?"
Mom: "I'm a slut."
Braden: "Spell it."
Mom: "S-L-U-T"

Kerry: "Um, I don't need to know about your practices." :)

You try having this conversation over the phone while driving in the rain! Apparently, Mom was saying "SLUG", which Braden finally understood when she spelled it out, but to me it sounded like "slut" every time. Hysterical. Thanks for the laugh, Mom!


annahannah said...

Hey, I linked it to Harry Potter and Ron spewing forth slugs from his mouth. Like he was spewing "sluts". sheeesh

annahannah said...

and besides, ya gotta pay the bills somehow!