Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pudding, Anyone?

I'm not sure what made me think of this, but when I was at a certain wedding reception (not my own) a few years ago, something really embarrassing happened. I actually don't think anyone even noticed, but it was still embarrassing.

We were all in a line to get our dinner from the buffet spread, and so everyone is filling up his/her plate. As an aside, it would be really nice if there were labels for this kind of setup so that you knew what everything was (I wouldn't be writing this if there had been in this situation). Anyway, I'm going along putting stuff on my plate and I get some pudding (at least if I'm remembering correctly, I thought it was pudding). So I finish filling up my plate and sit down. And I take a big ol' bite of "pudding". To this day, I'm not sure what it was exactly, but it was definitely NOT pudding. Instead, it was some sort of gloppy salad dressing (I really don't think it was near salad, but who knows?). You can imagine the expression on my face when I realized that it was a nasty salad dressing, and that I had nowhere to put it! I don't think everyone was back at the table yet...and I could not stand another second of having this in my mouth, so a couple of seconds later into the napkin it went! Sorry to the waitstaff there...I really do apologize, because these were the cloth napkins and not the disposable kind. YUCK!! So embarrassing!!


G.Ellis said...

Hilarious - imagine the waiter's surprise at her tip!

Carolyn said...

perhaps it was thick gravy? I could see mixing the two up. And yes....eww!

Ker said...

No, I remember the taste very distinctly. It was some kind of really gloppy salad dressing. I definitely would not be putting it on my mashed potatoes, that's for sure! :)