Friday, April 25, 2008

Poll Results

So in case anybody cares, it was a tie between Bruce and Blakely for the most disliked name. Our giant readership did not disappoint! :)

I am surprised that Blakely got as many votes as it did...I personally don't dislike the name, although like I said before, I wouldn't name my kid that. The first name of a particularly hated chemistry teacher of mine started with a B, and I remember thinking, "I JUST KNOW IT'S BRUCE!!!" ...And then I found out it was actually Brian, go figure. :) He does not look like a Brian, let's just say. He's probably still teaching, since Kevo had him, and speaking of that, here's an example of his supreme jerkiness: he wouldn't let Kev make up any of the work he had missed while he WAS IN THE HOSPITAL. Yeah, okay, that's fair.

And we all know that's not your real hair!!!!

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