Sunday, April 27, 2008

Typer Shark

So along comes Dan with a comment about a different typing game.

There goes a couple hours.

By the way, Dan, it is Typer Shark and not Typeshark. Don't worry, though, I have Google Fu.

I scored 1620783 in hard mode and made it to level 16. I typed 74 WPM with an accuracy of 95%

I hate the green sharks.

I hate a keyboard that does not always recognize the letter E when you press on it.

I love Kerry.


dan said...

Ah Typer Shark that's it.

I'm not sure which ones are the green sharks but if they're the ones where the letters randomly change as you're typing them, man do I hate those ones too.

I haven't played that in awhile but I remember I would get to a point where I just burned through all the saved up extra guys because it just becomes impossible (kind of like that one level (34 maybe?) on NES Tetris

Braden said...

Yes, the green ones not only randomly change letters, but they also randomly switch out symbols as well. That is where it stops being a typing game.

Yes, there is a point where 5 or 6 sharks are coming at you at a time and they are all ghost sharks or the threepeaters or whatever and it is just not possible anymore.


dan said...

Yeah those suck. Though I guess they have to do something to make it hard.

The higher levels where the pirahnas (single letters) just swarm at you super fast are likewise impossible.

Oh you mean I can't type 30 random symbols in like 2 seconds? mmkay