Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Braden: Say "I"...
Jenna: Hi!!
Braden: "Love..."
Jenna: "Pay.."
Braden: "You!"
Jenna: [giggles hysterically]
(She's having a little trouble with the letter "L"...)

Other words Jenna can now say:

More (Mah)
Ball (Bah)
Dog (Dah)
More, please (this is infrequent, and sounds like "Money" or "Mah nee")
Banana (Nana)
Kix (Kee!)
Katie (Kay-gie)
Daddy (Daddy)
Mommy (Mommy or sometimes Mama)
Bye Bye (Buh-bye)
Doll (Da...sounds a lot like Dog)
Hi (Hi)
Fan (Fuh)
Woof (Ffff)
Food (Foo or Fuh)
Honk Honk (Ag ag...this one sounds like All Gone and is soo cute)
All Gone (Ah Ga)
All Done (Ah Da)
Eye (Eye)
Ear (Ee)
Belly Button (Bee bee!! She always gets really excited when she sees mine)
Deer (Dee...there was one in our backyard yesterday, and she kept saying, Hi Dee! Hi Dee!)
Meow (Mao)
Pooh Bear (Puh Bay)
Milk (Mah)
Uh Oh (Uh Oh)
Thank you (Ba-dee or some such thing...not sure; this one changes and sounds nothing like the real thing!)
...and let's not forget Cracker (Cah-cah)

I'm sure there are some that I'm forgetting, but that's a pretty comprehensive list. Jenna keeps adding to it every day...she's learning and growing so fast!

Also, as I'm sure you've noticed, some words sound exactly alike, so it's all about the context, baby.


Ker said...

Ah, see, I forgot some already:

Up (Uh)
Down (Dah)

Feel free to add to this list, dear hubbin.

Carolyn said...

aren't you the posting master! :-)

Ker said...

Car (Cah)
Shoe (Sshe!)
Sock (See!)