Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3 Years, Baby

1. Where did you meet? If you ask Braden, he's likely to say a stripclub. But no, we met online on an LDS singles site.

2. Why were you too cheap to pay for a membership? Because the site had a loophole whereby you could send stupid one liner "flirts" to people online, and then if they had a membership, they could initiate a chat with you.

3. How did you sucker Braden into initiating a chat? With my charming, witty profile. He was intrigued, then hooked, and then I reeled him in.

4. How many people did you chat with before "meeting" Braden? Way, way too many. It got to the point where I just chatted because I was bored. Once I got into grad school, I didn't have much time to get serious, anyway.

5. How many people did you meet in person from online sites before Braden? Two. And they were and are very nice guys.

6. What was your very first impression of Braden? That he was skinnier than his pictures showed. And that he hugged me very tightly. He must have liked me. :)

7. What was your first date? Dick's Sporting Goods, at my hometown mall. He didn't want to go straight to my parents' house because it was nerve-wracking. I don't blame him. So we walked around Dick's and made fun of stuff. Ah, a match made in heaven!

8. When was your first kiss? I think about a week after he came out to visit me. It was to Garou, the French singer (he sounds like he perpetually has a frog in his throat). I have to say, I debated for a few songs about whether I really wanted to get into another relationship and all that would come with it. But ultimately, I decided what the heck! I remember thinking that his lips were very soft! ;) What a hottie.

9. When did you know he was the one? When I was visiting him in WA, and my flight to go home was delayed. We came back to his parents', where I was staying, and I finally said "I love you" to him on the couch in the living room. And to me, saying I love you was the same as saying "I'll marry you", because to me, that's essentially what I was saying. That's why I waited so long to say it. I'd been burned a few times before, and I was soooo commitment-shy. But he was patient, so that's how he got me! :)

10. Where did he propose? At the airport in the spot where we met. I'll let him tell the story about the IHOP waitress who ruined his surprise of where we were going. Then, he surprised me and proposed again in a little park in Kent once he actually had the real ring (I wore a cz ring for a few weeks before he flew out to Ohio again).

11. What do you love about him? Where to begin... He's such a good husband and father. He loves his little girl so much, and it just melts my heart to see him captivated by her. He's so kindhearted, and I love his little surprises. He has such a strong testimony that motivates me to learn and grow more in the gospel. And he's hilarious!! He makes me laugh...one of the things that I love most is how he just adores making me laugh out loud....and that makes me laugh harder! He's a wonderful provider for our family, and he works so hard to make sure that we can live comfortably. I love how silly he gets when we're both overtired and should just go to sleep, and we just can't stop laughing. I love how he loves to cuddle and how he looks forward to our kids cuddling with us (Jenna's not quite there yet). And let's not forget his beautiful eyes and eyelashes. :)

I love you, Braden!! Happy 3rd Anniversary!


Ryan said...

You know I feel much better now because that's exactly how I felt about saying I love you -- that I didn't really love Someone (hello, Vicki) until I wanted to make a family with them...so yeah I guess saying it was basically like saying 'I want to marry you' for me too.

Great minds :-)

Ker said...

That makes me feel better, too! That's why our relationship progressed so quickly to engagement and then marriage after the "I love you", since I was totally ready for it from that point on.

EveLeaf said...

Oh yeah. Here's to quick progression. :D