Saturday, August 23, 2008

Aaah, Pregnancy...

I am really quite forgetful lately, more so than usual. Or just weird. The other day, I do believe I almost put the milk in the cupboard, and I left a different jug of milk on the floor beside me for too long after I'd had my cereal. That is why I usually put the milk back after pouring some on my cereal, and then I go get more if I need it. I also thought that I'd put away all perishables from my grocery shopping last week, and then I discovered the guacamole in a bag going on 3 hours after I'd come home. It's still in the fridge now, just because I was mad that I didn't get to try it, but I'm too scared to eat it now, and it will be going in the garbage. I hate wasting!!!

Also, I get more and more winded carrying Jenna up the stairs (or just going up them by myself). You'd think I never exercised in my life! At least she's not older and thus heavier, but she's still a hefty 22-25 lbs. I mean, I guess she could be 40 lbs, like someone I know was when he was 2 (...Dan). So I'll count my blessings. :)

I took Jenna to the park yesterday, and it wiped me out, even though we were only there for probably half an hour. It was quite sunny, and I followed her around the crawly spaces and such. Of course, she kept going in the spaces meant for kids, and most obviously not meant for those who might happen to be big and prego. I did the best I could about keeping her where I could reach her, but at one point she started crawling down a very small, narrow space. After trying to get her to turn around (and failing), I noticed that there was about a 2 foot drop at the other end. AND BOY DID THIS PREGO WOMAN BOOK IT TO THE OTHER SIDE. :) No big deal, really, but I was quite winded after that, and we left just a few minutes later. Prior to that, she wanted to swing, so I pushed her for a while, and I couldn't believe how tired I was already. The sun was beating down on my back, and I was having to lean on a pole with one hand while pushing Jenna with the other.

It'll sure be nice to have some energy again, even though that won't be for awhile!


Carolyn said...

Being pregnant in the summer really makes me more worn out. I always forget to drink enough water, which doesn't help.

I feel your pain!

Braden said...

You are throwing your guacamole out?