Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Baby's Name

As indicated in the e-mail message that we sent out last night (our most sincere apologies to those who were not included on the e-mail list; it isn't because we don't love you. It is probably because we don't have your e-mail address in our database), we are set to announce the name of our baby who is due in October.

And those who know us well know that we are incapable of simply announcing the name. That would be too easy and far far too boring.

Therefore, we have painstakingly and lovingly crafted an entertainment extravaganza in the form of a terrific and inspired crossword puzzle of love and beauty. And stuff.

So without further ado, please go and visit Blakely's Real Name Game and see if you can correctly guess the name we have chosen, which is hidden somewhere in the puzzle. (the puzzle is in PDF format. If you cannot view PDF on your computer, please e-mail us and we will send you a Microsoft Word version of the file) To help you out, we will give you a little hint right off the bat: She will not be named any of the following: "John McCain", "Mommy", Chase Bank", or "Anehyyeeannr". If you find those words in the puzzle and think that you have unlocked the secret, you may find yourself mildly disappointed.

When you feel that you have the correct answer, please DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT ON THE BLOG, but rather send an e-mail message to family at bkellis dot com and let us know what your guess is. The big prize will be awarded to the first person to first offer the correct answer.

The big prize includes a vacation to Florida with roundtrip airfare, a 2009 Chrysler Sedan, and a 45 foot luxury yacht. The second prize is several stale cheerios*.

So there you have it. On your marks, get set, Good luck!

* Some restrictions apply. Please see store for details. Offer not valid in the United States or any other country. Prizes are awarded only for submissions received prior to the publication of this contest. Airfare, taxes, license, shipping, actual cost of car and yacht, and hotel fees are considered the responsibility of the prize winner. Odds of winning: depends on how quickly Dan gets his hands on this crossword puzzle. Winner of second prize please e-mail in triplicate and include a notorized reciept with proof of purchase and $143.56 to cover shipping and handling and a wonderful dining experience for the exhausted parents. For full details and other legal restrictions and contractual obligations of winner, please visit whatever website you want to go see and then make up the rest. Vote for Batman in November.


Carolyn said...

I believe her name will be....Bubba Jenkins! Am I right??

Braden said...

If you can find the name Bubba Jenkins in the crossword puzzle, then that is the name.

Carolyn said...

what a sexy name!

Ker said...

Bubba Jenkins Hussein, thank you very much!