Saturday, August 23, 2008



"She's so pretty. She's going to be really beautiful when she grows
up." - A girl (maybe 8 or 9?) at the grocery store who was just
captivated by Jenna. I thought that was one of the sweetest things
I've heard anyone say about Jenna. What a sweet girl! She made my day.


"...and this is the best you could do?" - a man I was helping at CopyMax years ago, after I explained that I had just gotten my associate's degree. I was a bit taken aback...hello, you don't find the job you want right away all the time, especially in the graphic design field, and you certainly don't say that to people!

"Well, your portfolio wasn't the best of the candidates we've seen..." - my soon-to-be-boss at Marc's (my after CopyMax job), right before he offered me a low-paying job (for my field), obviously trying to bring down the hourly pay even more. Way to make me feel great about working there! Anyway, the other people were probably overqualified, and my portfolio was a bunch of school projects that had nothing to do with what I'd be doing at the job. This boss turned out to be someone who we avoided like the plague every time he came stalking out of his office, furious at something or someone.

"Did it again, huh?" - random woman outside the ER where Jenna and I were waiting for Braden to get off work. Said while patting the air next to my stomach. At least she didn't rub my tummy! Actually, I found this comment hilarious, and I burst out laughing and replied, "Yep, sure did!" And I should point out that she and her husband were actually very nice people, but it was a very white trash moment.

"Your post is dumb." - my loving husband (we were joking around and he's kidding, or else he can sleep out in the smelly raw-chicken-cooking-in-the-garbage-can of a garage tonight).

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