Monday, August 18, 2008

Cah-cah or Caca, Take Your Pick

So Jenna and I are currently in a cracker battle. As in, she only wants crackers and does not want to eat any baby food or any other kind of food, really. She was doubling and even tripling her intake of food while we were on vacation, but as soon as we came back, she went back to only eating one 4 oz container, IF I'm lucky. The past couple of days, she's only eating maybe a few bites and then won't eat any more, saying, "Cah-cah? Cah-cah?" FYI, "cracker" means anything like Cheerios, animal crackers, graham crackers, Kix, cereal of any kind, Ritz Bits, Baby Mum Mum, you name it. She even pointed to my Reeses Pieces on the bedstand this morning and called it a "cah-cah". And no, I didn't feed her Reeses, no worries. Even I have my limits. :)

So right now I'm trying to be less frustrated at the waste of food and just try to get her to eat some food before crackers and help her understand that crackers are a reward, and that if she doesn't eat some real food, she doesn't get them. It's an ongoing battle for now.

On a side note, she has finally learned to sort of lick her lips (she pulls in her bottom lip) to get rid of any excess food on them. For the longest time, she would slowly raise her hand to her mouth in a sort of "there's something on my mouth that wasn't there before, and what the heck do I do with it" gesture. I noticed her new method yesterday. Also, she will now say, "Mah?" for "more"...we're working on the please and thank you.

She's a good's just that I'm sure the return flight home where she had nothing but crackers all day didn't help this situation. And it's not like I didn't try to feed her regular food, but she would have NONE OF IT!


Carolyn said...

Have you ever considered teaching her a few basic signs? Of course it's not necessary, but it can help little ones who are learning to talk to be able to communicate more easily.

Ker said...

I did teach her a few basic signs, but now she's getting to the point where she can really repeat a lot of stuff. So now I'm working on helping her differentiate between all the different "cah-cahs".

annahannah said...

Maybe i can help when i come out. but probably not

Ker said...

What do you mean?