Saturday, August 23, 2008


So this is the second time within the past few weeks that I look around, can't find Jenna, and start yelling her name...only to look to my left (or right) and find that she's standing right beside me. I've started letting her wander around, and she's fine doing so, for the most part. It's only if I look around and can't see her that I worry she might be trying to climb the stairs. She's actually pretty good about not doing that. I'm letting her have some more independence as she gets better about knowing what she should and should not be getting into. We're still working on some things, but she's a lot better than she used to be, and it's important for her to explore.

Anyway, back to my calling her name...she is sometimes so quiet in her movements that I really don't hear her move around to the other side of me, and then I feel like an idiot because I'm yelling for her, and she's like, "um, cah-cah, weirdo?"

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