Sunday, August 31, 2008

Desperately Seeking Maternity Dresses Below The Knee

And if you are, too, good luck with that. Because I'm not having any. Geez.

Take, for example, Motherhood Maternity. Every single dress they have is either just above the knee or a couple of inches or more above it. I'm frustrated, because they're having a sale, and some of the dresses are really cute, but unless I want to forgo a certain article of clothing, they're just not going to work. And trust me, I tried on a bunch of them a couple of months ago, and they are all juuuuuuust a little bit too short.

I'm just looking for a couple of dresses that aren't too expensive that I can wear to church until the baby's born. I'm really running out of options, because I'm bigger this time, this being a second pregnancy and all, and the non-maternity dresses that have served me well are really no longer going to work. I barely fit into my old standby last week. Plus, let's face it, I'm really tired of wearing the same freaking dresses over and over! :) I found what I thought was a cute dress while I was out in Ohio, but then when I went to put it on last Sunday, I discovered that the sleeves are see-through, which was definitely not apparent until I was actually wearing it. And therefore it is relegated to my "cannot wear without a cardigan" pile, which means I can't wear it until the weather gets a little colder.

Does anyone have any ideas of where to look? I saw on Old Navy's website that they might have a couple of options, but I'm still looking elsewhere. Remember that I'm a cheapskate; these $148 price tags ain't gonna cut it. :)


EveLeaf said...

ebay, honey. Do a search for "long maternity dress" or something. Most of the results will still be a "no" but I bet you'll find something, and for *cheap* too. :)

EveLeaf said...

This one seemed maybe long enough?

As did this one:


Have you thought any about wearing a white shirt *underneath* a sleeveless dress? That can be a really cute look.

Carolyn said...

i feel your pain! to make matters worse, the sales will all be on summer maternity clothes, which are bound to be shorter and skimpier.
Have you considered maternity skirts and tops? I don't own a lot of dresses anyway, but i've got black and denim maternity skirts that pull me through mixing with various tops

i am really running out of summer tops though. some are just too small for my giant belly and others are too stained from excessive use!
ahh fun times.

Carolyn said...

Well Kerry, We just came from our ward Closet Swap activity where I scored 3 free maternity dresses! All of which are long and modest because they came from church members. Guess your ward needs to host a closet swap!

Ker said...

eveleaf: Thanks for the links! I did check out Ebay, but that's largely been unsuccessful.

I did find a couple of cute nicer maternity tops that I can wear with a couple of skirts I already had. I got those at Ross Dress For Less yesterday. That'll have to do for now, I guess! :)

Carolyn: Word. :) It's nice to know I'm not alone!